Comic Closet: The White Queen

Top 5 Costumes:  The White Queen

Emma Frost, the White Queen, it’s hard to look through pictures of her costumes and not feel a little dirty.  She is a character that many times is known more for having much more skin showing then fabric.  In many cases, you have to wonder how her costume could magically stay on while she battles super villains with the rest of the team.  Regardless of that, she is a character we love and are always excited to see.  She started off whipping the X-Men into submission for the Hellfire Club before turning a new leaf and joining the X-Men.  Especially since she gave up her evil ways years ago, artists have given her numerous wardrobe choices and we have scouted out of top picks below.  Let us know if we included your favorite or missed out on including it!


5.  Current Uncanny X-Men:  If your currently reading Emma’s adventures in Uncanny X-Men, this is what you would find her in.  With her powers out of whack along with the others that were the Phoenix Five, she received these new threads.  Of course it is immediately notable that it is all black compared to everything else she has worn being white for the majority.  No matter what though, she’ll always be the White Queen, so seeing her in black just hurts my mind.  Lastly, I like to be a slight realist in a fictional super hero world, so how is her costume staying on her midsection without a crap ton of painful superglue?


4.  Original:  It is hard to turn down an original.  She does look like a super hero/villain dominatrix in this, even more so then her others which is hard to accomplish.  At the same time, that was the point with a men fueled Hellfire Club led by Sebastian Shaw, so it made slight sense. Of course you can’t deny the iconic stature of the costume at this point either.


3.  Generation X: This number you can see for a little while in Generation X later in the run.  It is by far the most conservative and super hero costume she has worn.  I guess parents of the students at the school wouldn’t appreciate her original costume as much as seeing her lead the students in this.  While it is pretty basic, I have to give props to the designer for at least trying something different for her.


2.  Generation X:  This was the original costume she wore in Generation X, very official and school teacher looking.  It does retain a little of her dominatrix look, but at the same time, it seems more wholesome and fun for the family.  You have to wonder though what would have happened if she wore something not so provocative at the school from the start, would Skin and Synch have focused more on their studies and not have eventually died?


1.  Astonishing X-Men:  I do love all of the Astonishing X-Men costumes, but either way I feel this easily tops the rest from Emma’s closet.  It is fairly simple, but very elegant at the same time.  It still is not a lot of clothing for her to wear, but at the she is more covered up than she is many times.  The cloak looks fantastic on her, much better than the original she wore. Then you have the belt with a mini X sign on it to pull everything together and to show where her allegiance is.

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