The Top Ten Best Female Superheroes

Over at the big two, Marvel and DC, they have made some giant leaps in giving their wonderful female superheroes more of the spotlight and starring roles in recent years. With such a rich character roster to choose from, we have created a list showing off the top ten best female super heroes that both Marvel and DC have to offer.  Personally, I do not hide the fact that I’m huge a John Byrne fan. I’ve included some commission pics that I believe bring some of the purity of the characters out, showing them drawn better than anyone has before.  If we missed one of your favorite characters, let us know who and why their your favorite in the comments below!

10. Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (First Appearance X-Men #4)

The Scarlet Witch is a powerhouse,, one of the powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, even if you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She has the ability to alter probabilities with a hex. This means she can have the earth open underneath a villain’s feet at a whim. She actually started out as a villain. She was in the first Brotherhood of Evil mutants in X-Men #4 before joining the Avengers. She has been an Avenger ever since then, well until she went just a bit crazy for a while. To some she might be considered an unstable hero since the House of M story line where she first altered reality and then wiped out a majority of the mutants in the world. This is what happens when you find out your children were altered realities and several of your friends were killed off when you lose your grip on reality. That is behind her though, Scarlet Witch is on the path to redemption and sanity. Best of all, we get to see the character fleshed out in Avengers:  Age of Ultron next May.

9. Black Canary/Dinah Lance (First Appearance Flash Comics #86 1947)

The Black Canary has been around for almost 60 years. She completely represents the growing female character in comics, a strong female badass. She was part of the Justice Society, Justice League, partner in crime fighting to the Green Arrow, and more. She was written into her strongest role with the Birds of Prey series over the last few years. Her powers are a sonic scream that can more than disable her foes. She’s also a master at hand to hand fighting a several martial arts. The character has already been featured as Sara Lance on Arrow where the persona is about to be born again with Laurel.

8. Black Widow/Natasha Romanova (First Appearance Tale of Suspense #52 1964)

The Black Widow is the product of Russian paranoia. She started out as a spy that defected to America with help of  Hawkeye. She later became an Avenger that has appeared on and off over the last 50 decades. She was in group call the Champions in the early 70’s. She was given the same super solider serum that  got Captain America going. She uses her arm stingers against most of her enemies plus she an excellent combat fighter. We’ve of course already seen her in action in several of Marvel’s films, but we get to see her get to see her once again in the Avengers:  Avengers Age of Ultron next May.

7. Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon (First Appearance Batman #139 1961)

She’s a bat person. Barbara Gordon was an awesome sidekick to the Dark Knight and became more visible during the 60’s Batman TV series. In the late 80’s, The Killing Joke happened. The story is considered one of the best Joker and Batgirl stories of all time. The Joker captured Barbara since she was the daughter of commissioner Gordon and shot her. She was paralyzed from the waist down. From that point, on writers used her as Oracle. Oracle was bound to a wheelchair but was statistically running things for Batman and Birds of Prey. The New 52 saw her reborn as Batgirl once again. The newest version of Batgirl has her being more update with the times.

6. She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters (First Appearance Savage She-Hulk #1 1980)

It took them 23 years to mention that the Hulk had a cousin. Jennifer Walters wasn’t born with her powers but gained them from a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner.  She is a fantastic lawyer, many times for the super community. She could eventually change her form at will. At one point she had lost the ability to change back to her human form and she was more confident with being She-Hulk. She was a member of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, Defenders, and even a few others. She-Hulk always shows confidence in who she is and we love her for it.

5. Supergirl/Kara Zor-EL (First Appearance Superman #123 1958)

Kara is the cousin of Clark Kent. When she was created Superman needed a strong counter part like Supergirl. Supergirl continuity has been so mixed up over the years. She was even killed in the Crisis of Infinite Earths. I would say if you wanted to read some Supergirl stories. Start in 2004, the Batman/Superman title brings Supergirl in the vain of her first appearance. Granted all of that story has been wiped with Flashpoint and the New 52, but regardless she is a character that we love.

4. Invisible Girl/Invisible Woman/Sue Storm-Richards (First Appearance Fantastic Four #1 1963)

If you didn’t know it, the Invisible Woman is the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four. Her force fields not only protect her and those around her, it can also be used as blunt force weapons. Sue is a wife, mother, and a timeless superhero. She’s had to take the leadership role from time to time with the absence of her husband Mr. Fantastic. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a female character that grew with the times and made us wanting more. Even when Marvel relaunched her in the Ultimate Universe it was an excellent refresher on an old character.  We will be able to see her once again on the big screen in the upcoming Fantastic Four film reboot, even if the jury is still out on how that will turn out.

3. Marvel Girl/Phoenix/Jean Grey-Summers (First Appearance X-Men #1 1963)

Marvel Girl was a character that had telekinesis and the telepathy. It seemed she was the token female character for the X-Men, having the boys falling all over her.  In the 70’s it was really her time to shine, as she was transformed into the Phoenix. The Phoenix was a force of nature that took on the personality of Jean Grey.  The Phoenix destroyed a planet killing billions and Jean Grey’s soul suffered for it in X-Men #137. It will always be on of my favorite comics. It was the first time I had seen a superhero die. Jean was brought back later in the X-Factor series. She got a costume upgrade by Jim Lee in the launch of the new X-Men title in  the 90’s. She has been one of the few characters that has had more added to her lore with alternate universe children, dying, and being reborn again than anyone before. Most recently her younger self was brought into the current timeline to help stop Cyclops. This event helped her develop a new set of powers.  This younger version of herself is more like when we last saw her though, strong, independent, and able to lead the team when it comes to it.

2. Storm/Ororo Munroe (First Appearance Giant Sized X-Men #1)

African Goddess, X-Men leader, Wakanda Queen, Morlock ruler, Avenger, Storm has been them all. Storm has the power to control all forms of weather. It helps her fly or throw bolts of lighting at the villains they face. Ororo has been one of the strongest black female characters ever created. She’s strong character that has been developed and warped over the last 30 some years. She has also been a character that occasionally bridged the gap between human and mutant. She was married to the Black Panther, even though sadly their relationship dissolved later on. She is currently in the all female X-Men with Kitty Pride, Jubilee, Rogue, Rachel Grey and Psylocke, taking the leadership role again while being a general badass.

1. Wonder Woman/Princess Diana of Themyscira (First Appearance All Star Comics #8 1941)

Who does not know about Wonder Woman? Diana is an Amazon in man’s world. She has the power levels of Superman. She has bracelets that protect her from bullets and magic lasso that makes the wearer tell the truth. Wonder Woman gained massive popularity during the 70’s series with Linda Carter. She is one of the main Trinity in the Justice League next to Superman and Batman. The Golden Age Wonder Woman was married to Steven Trevor but the events of Crisis of Infinite Earths wiped that from history. She is currently dating Superman in the New 52. The New 52 re-invigorated the character since the events of Infinite Crisis depicted her as a murderer that killed the villain Maxwell Lord. In that series of events, Lord manipulated Superman into almost killing Batman. Maxwell was captured by Diana with the lasso of truth. She asked him how to stop Superman’s rampage. Maxwell responded in saying that she had to kill Superman. Diana snapped Lord’s neck and ending his control of Superman. That image was broadcast across the globe. Superman and Batman were against her decision to kill even though it saved both their lives.  Now Jim Lee has redesigned her new look and Wonder Woman was born again. We will see her on the big screen in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.

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