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Top 5 Costumes:  Storm

Ororo Munroe has been a goddess in the Serengeti, a queen to the people of Wakanda, and a leader to the X-Men.  When you get that much public spotlight, you’re going to be expected to have a certain fashion sense about you.  In Storm’s case, she has had several excellent costumes over the years, so much so that it made it tougher for us to choose our favorites than usual.  Even choosing a dishonorable mention for her was a tough choice as she had no costume we universally hated as with many heroes and villains.  See below what we pulled from Storm’s packed closet and let us know below if you agree/disagree with us!


5.  Current:  Her current costumes has several things going for it.  Going back to the mohawk is a good choice, as the character has such history with that specific hairstyle.  The white X going across her chest is a nice choice, especially with the top yellow outlines to call out lightning.  It gives her a nice edgy look to reflect her emotional turmoil once again.


4.  Xtreme X-Men:  In branching out with her own squad, Storm received a new costume as did the rest of the team.  She added red to the inside of her cape and cuffs of her sleeves, a unifying color in Xtreme.  We like the lightning zipping across her chest.  Her headpiece is simple here, but we love when she wears one.  If we had any complaint about the costume, it would just be that is has a little to much of a resemblance to Ms. Marvel’s costume, specifically the body.

3.  90’s:  
Storm’s first mohawk look is iconic for the character.  Reflecting perfectly the strife going through her life at the time, its a look that can’t be dismissed.  The vest, choker, and mohawk give her a punk rocker look that we love.  Her current costume took a lot of inspiration from this, but it did it best here.

2.  Original:  Her original costume is an excellent design that we love.  The cape is great, especially being edged with yellow.  Her headpiece is fantastic and we wish she always wore it. The only problem we have is that it oversexualizes the character quite a bit with her main gear.  It almost makes her look like a dominatrix.  We do cut her slack for it considering the character was thought to be a goddess before wearing this, who saw little need for clothes.

1.  2000’s:  One of her more resent costumes, she wore this until the dissolution of her marriage with Black Panther.  What we like about this is that it takes her original costume, but modifies it enough to make it better.  She has the same cape, headpiece, and boots as she originally did, but she is more covered up which makes her much more elegant.  For characters such as Emma Frost, whose character partly defined by her sexuality, running around in skimpy clothe is fine, but this is more fit for a queen.

Dishonorable Mention


90’s:  In regards to Jim Lee’s redesigns of the X-Men, in almost every case, we love it.  In Storm’s case, not so much.  The all white of her costume is just a bit to much for us.  The X-symbol clasps of her cape and slim yellow belt doesn’t do enough to make this costume really stand out enough.  Her 90’s costume is just to simple.  Sometimes simple can be good, but it was a failure here.  It was a tough decision to make this the dishonorable mention, but in the end it was a costume none of us had ever really liked, sealing its fate as her worst.

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