The Silver Coin: The Ticket #1: Marky Mark’s Capsule Review


Title: The Silver Coin: The Ticket #1

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Lines, Colors, Letters: Michael Walsh

Cover Artist: Michael Walsh; Tula Lotay; Maria Nguyen

Review:  ★★★★☆




As I sit here, wiping the dust off my keyboard, I’m trying to come up with some clever way to introduce my review. I’m not as smart as Chip Zdarsky, who has created this new analogy series along with Michael Walsh, Ed Brisson, Jeff Lemire, and Kelly Thompson. This band of creators have come up with a way to describe one of many human conditions. The story is set in the late 70’s. The band Dirty Eagle have been playing the same rock tunes in a bar for years. Their big break is not coming anytime soon. The disco era is approaching and it unfolds the story. Ryan is the lead guitarist who has a somewhat dramatic home life. The Silver Coin has discovered Ryan’s hand. Zdarsky asks us to find the cost of fame and talent with this story. It’s not a price many would pay but the rush is worth the ride. Michael Walsh’s art is solid. We believe every panel he puts before us. His color changing panels continue to set the mood for each event. It does a great job of going from calm to intense. The story has a couple nice foreshadowing panels which aren’t really hard to miss, but they are there. The issue has an ending I didn’t see coming so it’s a wonder if Zdarksy’s possessed laptop, desktop or quill and ink evoked this ending. The book is a solid read and we should think hard on what we wish. The next issue has Kelly Thompson pass at the coin. It should be interesting to see which human condition she brings to light.

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