Bomb Queen: Trump Card: Part One: Marky Mark’s Capsule Review


Title: Bomb Queen #1 Trump Card

Publisher: Image Comics

Creative Force: Jimmie Robinson

Editor: Melanie Hackett

Cover Artist: Jimmie Robinson

Review: ★★★★☆



So who you gonna vote for in the 2024 Election? You gonna vote Donald Trump back in for a 3rd term? He repealed the 22nd amendment to make it happen. Hey, why don’t you vote for BOMB QUEEN? She was a super villain dictator of New Port City. She controlled her city by killing all the superheroes and making her own laws. She was sanctioned by the US Government. Bomb Queen destroyed half of California which helped the homeless problem and created jobs when the state had to be rebuilt. So this is the basic premise of Jimmie Robinson’s new Bomb Queen story. I haven’t decided if Robinson likes Trump or not. Much of the story pokes fun, but points out some basic random truths. To get this straight though, this is a comic book so it has action upon action. Bomb Queen is a villain so much of the violence is gory to say the least. She is also extremely attractive and kind of a fan boy’s dream character. She comes with the mouth to back the body as well. Robinson does his character continued justice by drawing with that attitude through out the story. You would think the story would have sex, but Robinson either avoids by teasing the reader. Bomb Queen sits on White Knight’s face to subdue him of course. She’s wearing a G-string so there’s not much to leave to the imagination. This is my first introduction to this unique character. It’s clever, sexy and a tad hardcore. It’ll be interesting to see if she can give Trump a run for his money. We’ll also she what other things Robinson can come up about Mr. President.

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