Death or Glory Trade Paperback Vol. 2: Marky Mark’s Capsule Review


Title: Death or Glory Trade Paperback Vol. 2

Publisher: Image Comics/Giant Generator

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Bengal

Letterer: Russ Wooten

Cover Artist: Bengal; Dave Johnson

Review: ★★★★☆


Volume 2 of Death or Glory collects issues SEVEN through ELEVEN, which ends the series or gives it an excellent stopping point. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the series since 2018. It’s been a little up and down for me.  I’ve missed a couple issues along the way. This Trade Paperback has allowed me to play catch up and love the series again. The last half of the story explains more of the back story on some of the villain characters. It gives another glance at the primary character driving the need to harvest human organs. The scene involving late President Richard Nixon was disturbing and shocking on so many levels. I can see the character’s motivations for doing what he does. A good chunk of the story is the giant race in the desert. The whole thing is fast paced and gets your heart racing. It feels like watching a scene out of the MAD MAX film. Bengal has not slacked on the art what so ever. He has continued to provide high action adventure at every turn.The chase is equipped with colorful characters and our hero Glory goes through the HI’s and LOW’s of being chased. There’s a price paid for her trials to be sure. The series does draw to a close. If you haven’t read the end of the book with the comics, I won’t ruin the end. I’ve said the series has a life lesson built in there somewhere. It’s there, you find what it means to you and how it relates to Glory herself. Her story can and hopefully will continue at some other point. There’s many opportunities for Rick Remender to off the grid and give us more Glory.

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