Black Panther: Recast or Not? Top 10 Actors to Play the KING!


The untimely death of Chadwick Boseman has dropped shock waves into the entertainment world. His death has affected the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s difficult to try and just say, “Let’s just replace him.” Chadwick Boseman made himself the King of Wakanda. He did it with a grace and humility that is not seen in many actors. I would guess that facing one’s death will do that to a person. Granted, Boseman made Jackie Robinson his own as well, so he had such grace prior to the cancer. Regardless, The Black Panther character has been around since 1966, when he first appeared in Fantastic Four #52. There is so much more story to tell.  Also, considering Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man have all been re-casted through out the years, another actor playing T’Challa isn’t unheard of.  Not to even mention movie made mad cash and they really need the bank considering 2020’s box office receipts are simply crazy. So we will pick 10 actors that could fill the shoes of the KING.


10. Letita Wright

Let’s just get this one out of the way…Letita Wright is absolutely fantastic in her role as Shuri in the Black Panther. She easily held her own against Chadwick’s presence. The Shuri character even took over the mantle of the Black Panther in the comics. It’s almost natural for her to take that path. She could probably go toe to toe with DC’s Wonder Woman as far as box office clout. The problem is…there is so much more story to tell for T’Challa. Director/Writer Ryan Coogler wrote such a fantastic love letter to the Black Panther character. He has to find it in him to find more story for our beloved KING. As for Letita Wright, you’ll get your chance, history will be there for you, when the time is right.


9. Micheal B Jordan

OK, so before you turn off the computer or close the article on your phone, HEAR me out. I know Mr. Jordan was Killmonger in the Black Panther. He was killed at the end of the movie(I would say spoiler, but if your reading this…duh). In the comics, people sometimes come back from the dead. Ok, ok…a lot of times they do, but is it a far stretch that the powers of the Black Panther slowly healed his body?  (Micheal could simply do a fantastic job of honoring Chadwick by playing the part as a reformed Killmonger, inspired by the deeds of the Black Panther. I doubt he would actually do it, but I know he would be excellent in the role.


8. Jon Boyega

For as long as I can remember, I have been a Star Wars fan. Now does that mean I’m a huge fan of the character of Finn in the recent films…not really. I am bigger fan of Jon Boyega though. He can act. Witness Attack of the Block and Detroit to prove my point. Marvel and Disney do have a habit of reusing actors in various projects. Forrest Whitaker was in Star Wars: Rogue One and The Black Panther. Boyega might be a decent choice for the role of T’Challa. Regardless of how well he could probably play the part, I just don’t think he has the screen presence that could match Boseman’s. At least not yet…Jon just needs a role to make him not look well…Finn-ish.


7. LaKeith Stanfield

Stanfield is another actor that has stood out in smaller roles. From Get Out to Knives Out the actor has been very good at making the back ground look good. So do we think Stanfield has the chops to make it as the King of Wakanda? He has decent look for the part that might require some gym work, what Marvel Film doesn’t? Does he have to humility and drive to provide a performance that will judged and put up against Boseman? I believe he has potential. The only thing that throws me, is that I confused him with Dave Chappelle in Get Out. I knew that wasn’t Dave, I’ve seen Dave in person…I can’t see Dave playing the Black Panther. Other images of LaKeith show me otherwise that he could pull off the role.


6. Mike Colter

If Mike Colter is cast as the Black Panther, does this mean he can’t be Luke Cage anymore? Like I’ve said before Marvel/Disney like to reuse their actors for other parts. Colter has an excellent screen presence, even on the small screen. He understands the nature of the stunt work involved in a project of this scale. Unfortunately this might be a situation where an actor is actually too big for his britches. Colter is a big dude and might come off as an over sized  Black Panther. He might also look odd with hair too. Truth be’s hope that they will bring back the Luke Cage character soon too. Even though he would probably look great on screen.


5. Unknown

In these lists, I know this is a cop out. I get it. Somewhere out there is an actor just waiting to get their chance. Someone is waiting to be king. It’s also someone that we/people have no preconception about.  It’s happened before and will probably happen again. Just think…Robert Pattison was cast as Batman. First response was “ouch”. One trailer later and everyone is like…”WOW”. This could be the case here.


4. Brandon T. Jackson

Brandon is another actor that has been around a bit. He’s been in Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, Roll Bounce and more importantly Tropic Thunder with Robert Downey Jr. He’s an actor that seems to have the right age for the part. He probably needs to bulk enough just to pull off the suit for the Panther. This could be his chance to become a leading man. Granted his height and the fact that he’s more of a comedic actor could play a part in him not becoming regal and king like. This depends on how well he could pull off the written material.


3. Aldis Hodge

So Aldis has been mostly a television actor. Hodge has been in too many to actually name here. He was more recently in the Invisible Man movie with Elizabeth Moss. In this role it feels like he’s got the warmth for what it takes become a king. Father type rolls can do that for a guy. He’s actually been in two Die Hard movies. We just won’t it against him that he was in the last one. Bruce gets the blame for that one. He’s got an interesting look that come pull off T’Challa with very little difficultly. He’s another actor that really needs that larger then life role to make him a superstar.


2. John David Washington

Washington is just now appearing in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. He showed his acting chops in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman. While he’s not played in a ton of roles he does have a decent screen presence. He definitely has a soulful look to pull off T’Challa. His action role in Tenet could provide him the skills to make him a King. The timing could be right for him to be crowned. Washington on the movie poster wouldn’t look all that hateful either. Considering Denzel happens to be his dad, he’s essentially Hollywood royalty already. He’s a good spot for #2.

donald glover

1.Donald Glover

So Donald has already done justice to an iconic roll in Solo. Which means he’s already on Disney’s radar. Granted Spider-Man did stick him to car in Homecoming, so he’s already invested in the MCU. Donald also has the warm and charming appeal that Boseman did without really trying. If Glover bulks up enough he’ll add to the look of the role. He’s also an actor on the list the probably comes with just, if not more credibility to his art then anyone. He’s close to being a household name. The guy is cool too. It would be an honor to see him fill the Panther mantle.


In the memory of Chadwick Boseman I leave with information to help with Colon Cancer.

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