Black Magick #12: Marky Mark’s Capsule Review


Title: Black Magick #12 

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer: Greg Rucka

Art: Nicola Scott 

Letterer: Jodi Wynne

Color Assist: Chiara Arena

Cover Artist: Nicola Scott with Eric Trautmann

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Ever once in awhile I jump into a new book with knowing a thing about the story. Black Magic is now on it’s 12th issue and I don’t remember ever reading any before. Well, my bad, Greg Rucka is a most excellent writer of many many things, including the Wonder Woman rebirth. Nicola Scott is favorite of mine from Earth 2. I did forget that this is a creator owned comic from Image…all bets are off. The story opens on Beltane, May Day and poem to set the summer mood. “With wine and a song, usher fair summer in–with a kiss and a tumble, Let new life begin!” We definitely get a tumble or two in this book. The story opens up with a bunch of people prancing in the woods, so not ever reading the book before I assume, “it’s that kind of story”, which it’s not.  The main character Rowan happens be a modern day homicide detective. The character has issues to be sure, at least her friend Alexandra seems to think so. This issue begins a new story line called Ascension. It remains to be seen as to whether it’s in regards to Rowan or the events surrounding her. This isn’t actually bad jumping on point for the book. Back story tends to come as any story progresses. Nicola Scott’s art is fantastic. I really enjoy her line work and her figure drawing actually reminds me of George Perez. The book is absent of color unless there’s a magic occurring. The series isn’t for a younger audience considering the sexual content. Hopefully this is a good story to continue with the next issue.

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