Deal or Collectible: THOR Convention Sketch by John Romita JR!

Hello FAComics fans or readers…or simple passer-buyers…

This item I have on EBAY for Sale is simply a one of kind treasure. I acquired the sketch from Mr. John Romita JR himself. It was done at the MID-OHIO Comic Convention sometime in the 90’s. I’m thinking 90 or 92. I have a Mark Bagley sketch as well that was done in ’91 so I’m pretty sure I only got one a year at MID-OHIO CON. It’s pencil and marker/sharper. It is an original and rare. The drawing was produced before John actually penciled The Mighty Thor in the later 90’s. Check it out…It’s live on EBAY as you read.


I’ve hated the thought of losing this piece but times are what they are…enjoy…Thank you for checking it out.

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