Top Ten Reasons to See Avengers: Endgame!


Well…here we are…The End. Endgame has finally arrived. It’s been a long satisfying 10 years. From Iron Man to Captain Marvel, we laughed, we cheered, and lastly we cried. They don’t call them the Avengers for nothing. Endgame brings the remaining team back to fight Thanos and hopefully save the universe. Here are some of the reasons to drop your mean green cash down to see this flick.



10 plus years and 22 movies later comes to the end of the Infinity Stone Saga. You’ve invested time and money to hopefully witness this latest payoff. Now this doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be anymore Marvel Films, but maybe none with the flair Thanos has inflicted upon us. Hopefully, just hopefully we get a small tease of what’s to come in the next story. ME, personally…I would love to see them drop a taunt of Dr. Doom, since the Fantastic Four has returned home.


9. The Internet and Spoilers

Our little site attempts to avoid spoilers, unless properly noted. It means you should get out there and experience Endgame with an audience before it’s potentially ruined. YouTube has the ending of the movie leaked already or do they? Yours truly hasn’t viewed said video. It’s the unfortunate burden and duty of social media to inform the unsuspecting. Also…don’t buy movie tickets from scalpers…make them eat the cost for not allowing you to purchase the tickets at the theater or online.


8. Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s turn as Captain Marvel has become a huge hit. Unlike the other characters we only have one outing with the female character. Hopefully we get tons of more screen time with her. Considering her power level is on par with Thor, it should be interesting to see if she can go toe to toe with our resident Titan Thanos. Financially speaking, I can’t see the Russo Brother offing the character in the long run…even though the loss would be felt as greatly, since the is still fresh in our hearts.


7. Antman

Scott Lang makes a long trip cross country to find out what exactly happened in Infinity War. Our first question here is how did he get out of the Quantum Realm? Did Cassie survive the snap? Will he defeat Thanos by doing an Antman enema(yucky). If you don’t know what I’m talking about here… see ANTMAN AND THE WASP…except for the butt part, somebody else made that up. I’m a long time Avengers fan, I’m truly sad we haven’t seen the Wasp in the trailers. Granted the reason this does lead to number 6.


6. Avenge the Fallen

Marvel Comics means nobody stays dead…especially when you have sequels already planned for production IE; Black Panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3(Welcome back James Gunn)and the obvious Spider-Man:Far From Home. So, the question is…Who lives? and Who Dies and Who just Stays Dead? Which way will ENDGAME pull our heart strings and the fate of our favorite characters? I just know that for a solid 3 hours I might have to hold my breath for the answers.


5. Ronin

In just about every new superhero flick we’re bound to discover new characters. Ronin is Hawkeye’s new persona. This is not a spoiler. It’s ummm in the comics. Ronin is a ninja type character, which fully unleashes Clint’s skills. It’s also a potential set up for the Hawkeye series that will appear on Disney+. This is hopefully answer where has Clint Barton been during the events of Infinity War. It’s possible some of Hawk’s family didn’t survive the snap…so Hawkeye is on path. Otherwise it’ll be great to have Jeremy Renner back on the screen.


4. Stan Lee

What amounts to possibly only 10 seconds of time during a monstrous 3 hour running time could potentially be the most emotional moment of our nerd lifetime. Stan Lee’s last cameo and his final screen appearance is not something we truly look forward to…but we know it’s going to be there. I’m good with it…so long as we don’t see him dissolve into dust. NUFF SAID…


3. The Infinity Suits 

Does anyone know why the Avengers are all dressed up like the Power Rangers? The trailer has shown the actors walking “slowing” in white armor like suits. It implies that the team knows how to color code extremely well. There’s speculation that they are headed to the Quantum Realm. They look good on the team, but it seems the uniforms probably have some sort of function. We will see how they play out.


2. Thanos

What does one do when you’ve wiped out half of the universe’s living population? He has the Time Stone so could simply have seen what Doctor Strange saw in Infinity War. You would think Thanos would have such fore thought too. At the end of War, Thanos sees an image of young Gamora…”What did it cost?” “Everything”. This is not true since Nebula still lives. Thanos is his own worst enemy, which is more of a comic book driven plot. Thanos was originally a second level villain. He has been such a promising antagonist  to this series. It’ll be almost sad to see how the character meets his maker…unless he wins again.


1.The Big Three

The Core of the Avengers has always consisted of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. All three of the actors have contracts ending at the end of ENDGAME. Do the Russo Brothers kill off any of the big three? Doubtful…either way I don’t see the film giving every fan total satisfaction. Granted the ride off into the sunset/rainbow bridge could be a nice classic Hollywood ending that we needed to get over the Infinity War pain and move on to other story lines.

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