Murder Falcon #7: Capsule Review


Title: Murder Falcon #7

Publisher: Image Comics/Skybound

Artist, Writer & Letterer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooten

Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer; Erica Henderson

Review: ★★★★★



It’s a simple explanation that the Veldar and Magnum Khaos are built up  from the evil of the world. Johnson’s personification of the populace’s hate and anger is so perfect. It makes us rethink our dark thoughts. Johnson gets into the darkness within Jake’s heart that stems from his cancer cells. The story makes a perfect hero of Jake. He has to redeem himself and his dark thoughts about dying and about rejecting everyone who loved him. This is the deep gist of Murder Falcon. Kill your dark thoughts and begin to truly live…through music this can happen. With that Brooticus has found itself in Japan. We discover they have many many allies in the musical fight against the Veldar. Issue #7 is a series of revelations that enlightens our characters and the readers. We see how truly powerful Jake can be. I had a chance to meet Daniel Warren Johnson in Chicago last month. I discovered how personal this story is to him. I understand why we are only getting 8 issues out of this series. Each page shows his love for the subject. The next issue will give us the finale…I can’t wait to rock  it out.

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