Curse Words Spring Special: Capsule Review


Title:  Curse Words Spring Special

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist: Mike Norton

Colorist: Addison Duke

Letterer: Chris Crank

Cover Artist:  Ryan Browne; Mike Norton & Ryan Browne 

Review:  ★★★★☆


I tend to dread on “specials” in any manner. They tend to break up the pace of any series. The art isn’t normally as good. I could go on and complain…that wouldn’t be a productive though. Curse Words Spring Special does something really really awesome for the story. It gives us answers to Margaret. Soule lays it out plain about what’s going on with Margaret. Curse Words teased and had us guessing to what was going on with Margaret. Now we know. Better yet…we understand the title of the book. As for the art…Mike Norton does a stand up job. His illustrations aren’t as imaginative as Ryan Browne’s but he does good work here. I had a chance to meet Addison Duke at C2E2. It’s definitely his bright color design that helps bring out the books style. The Spring Special is just about perfect. It sets up everything we’ve seen before and lets us in on more. We have 5 issues left of Curse Words. I happy Soule brought this out for extra measure.

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