Murder Falcon #6: Capsule Review



Title: Murder Falcon #6

Publisher: Image Comics/Skybound

Artist, Writer & Letterer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorist: Mike Spicer

Letterer: Rus Wooten

Cover: Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer; Vanesa Del Rey

Review: ★★★★★



With that Brooticus now has a rhythm guitarist. Hjelmdar is a “KISS” looking guitarist that has fought the same fight as Jake and his band. Granted his companion is extremely more impressive then Murder Falcon. Johnson has a way making thing bigger and better. Issue #6 does something more then adding this new character. It adds addition emotion to the overall story. We learn of Jake’s battle with cancer and the toll it takes upon not only one person but two. Johnson implies that much of his story is personal to a point, we can feel his pain here. The battle within the story does rage something glorious. The band takes some battle damage in their fight against Magnum Khaos. We also discover every band needs a lead singer. A guiding voice to bring hope to the show if you will. This issue gives us some ups and then downs and then surprises us again. The ending has a nice reveal page that introduces something that metal incorporates but is never really thought of…but occasionally it’s the additional touch to a song and this comic. Sadly, it’s my understanding is that we have only two issues left, so savor every page.

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