Doomsday Clock #9: Capsule Review


Title: Doomsday Clock #9

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Cover: Gary Frank

Review: ★★★★★

I have weeks where I go, “I can wait to read the newest comics.” Then there’s Doomsday Clock. Like the countdown itself within the book we have to wait 2 months for the fix. It’s book that you simply cannot predict or overly anticipate. It doesn’t co-inside with the current DC Universe so you don’t have to keep up with the current reads. The story is subtle about dealing with this Earth’s fear of the meta humans. They now have the right to fear. Superman has simply picked a side and as a reader we get and understand all that. Dr. Manhattan’s involvement in the control of the situation is still truly unknown. Issue #9 does give us the action sequences that are always nice to see in any comic book story. The 11 panels showing various heroes on route to their battle is worth every stroke Gary Frank puts on the page. Geoff Johns shows us the true power of Dr. Manhattan as if we didn’t know. More importantly we are enlightened about Firestorm’s origins. It’s actually makes sense. In the end we are left with such a longing from this story. Three more issues to go and it probably won’t be enough.

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