Beat Cop Console Edition Review

Back On The Mean Streets

Publisher: 11 bit studio

Developer: Pixel Crow

MSRP: $14.99

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: March 5, 2019

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam

If you are old enough to remember or have seen television shows like Miami Vice or Hill Street Blues on a streaming service, you will instantly feel at home with the aesthetic of Beat Cop. Set in 1980’s New York, Beat Cop casts you as Jack Kelly a former detective who has fallen from grace after being framed for a crime. Jack is busted down to the level of a lowly beat cop and must patrol the mean streets of New York while attempting to unravel the mystery of who framed him and why.



Beat Cop is a point and click adventure game that is brought to life via some gorgeous pixel art. Beat Cop first appeared on PC in 2017 and is now making its way to consoles. Jack Kelly is a loose cannon assigned to a street, that he patrols on a daily basis.  The block is packed full of zany characters and over the top mission. One early mission has you busting a guy for trying to steal condoms from a sex shop. The humor and characterizations in Beat Cop are very, very dark and unapologetic. Beat Cop pushes the limits of stereotypes. It is not a game for the politically correct. If you are offended by racial stereotypes and harsh language this game is not for you. If you can separate game from reality, then you may find fun in Beat Cop.

BC 3

Every trope of 80’s cop shows is covered here. You have 21 days to figure out who framed you. Each day is like an episode of a television series. You will find yourself doing mundane police work such as meeting a ticket quota, to petty theft to murder, all while trying to uncover clues to your framing. Rival gangs led by Italians and other ethnic groups in the neighborhood must be dealt with you. Lean too hard on one group and you make the other group happy. It’s a balance that must be found to keep Jack alive. There are multiple stories going on at once that never seem to quite come together to make a whole.

BC 2

Beat Cop a certain unique charm that is fun for fans of movies like Dirty Harry or Death Wish. Any gamer that has a dark sense of humor, or enjoys 80’s cop dramas will enjoy Beat Cop. While it is a bit rough around the edges, especially when it comes to story and dialog, Beat Cop is an enjoyable experience.


Final Judgement8 rev


*Review code provided by 11 bit studio*

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