Heroes in Crisis 6 of 9: Capsule Review


Title: Heroes in Crisis #6

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Tom King

Artists: Clay Mann(p. 1,20) & Mitch Gerads(p2-19)

Colors: Mitch Gerads & Tomeu Morey

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist: Mitch Gerads & Ryan Sook

Review: ★★★


For the last several months I’ve sat down and read the Heroes in Crisis series. The concept is as such. Heroes have battle scars. We all have scars. Sanctuary happens to be a place where the heroes can get their head checked. The Sanctuary has been breached and heroes have been murdered. The story plays like a murder mystery that puts Booster Gold front and center as the guilty party. Issue #6 deals mostly with Gnarrk(he’s a superpowered caveman), Wally West and Harley Quinn. The story steps back to look and see what happens right before the murders. The dialog between Harley and Poison Ivy is probably the most interesting. We actually aren’t quite sure Harley is talking to anyone. The information is interesting but it doesn’t really move the story as much as it probably could. DC Comics tends to do these “Crisis” stories to sell books. This one is deeper look into a heroes confidential mind. I do like the concept though. One of the covers of Issue #6 does have Harley with Psycho Pirate’s mask. It could be a clue to what’s going happening. Obviously this isn’t a good jumping on point but the story will make a great trade when it’s all done.

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