Curse Words #20: Capsule Review


Title:  Curse Words #20

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Charles Soule

Artist: Ryan Browne

Colorist: Addison Duke

Letterer: Chris Crank

Cover Artist:  Ryan Browne 

Review:  ★★★★☆


Let me just say…How does a walking and talking version of the Eiffel Tower tend to go unnoticed? It’s one of those little things we forgot the Wizord made happen. It also bites the Wizord in the butt. Issue #20 is ripe with stuff happening. Wizord’s battle with  Jacques Zacques continues and takes a surprising turn. Margaret’s quest to discover who she actually is has a tad bit of resolve. She returns to Hole World to team up with the Tigers. Margaret is taking the battle to Ssizzalee. There should be some quality battle in the next couple issues. In the meantime Zacques creates an interesting subplot that will tie the story together a little more. This is an excellent issue to the series and there’s a lot happening. Unfortunately we don’t get to see Ruby Stitch in action, but I imagine that’s up for the story arc.

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