Unnatural #3: Capsule Review


Title: Unnatural #3

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer, Artist, Colorist: Mirka Andolfo

Colors Assistant: Gianluca Papi

Letterer: Fabio Amelia

Cover: Mirka Andolfo; Milo Manara

Translated from Italian: Arancia Studio

Review: ★★★★☆


Unnatural continues Mirka Andolfo’s series of a 25 year old pig girl that has to set up to mate with one of her kind. The story has tried not to be preachy about arranged marriages of this type. Leslie’s date or situation actually seems like it’s about to turn out really well. The prep work is actually more trying for her though. The guy was a pig, but in a good way or not. The whole situation turned strange and stalk-ish or cult-ish. I wasn’t what I expected the book to do. Meanwhile her friend Trish continues her quest for Leslie. This leads her to the old monkey and the young monkey…it has to be seen. Through out the story there’s much more to Leslie’s visions she has that happens to be connected to the old monkey’s story. Andolfo’s art is still beautiful in every sense. The characters are attractive and well designed. The colors are nicely muted to create a consistent look for the book. Issue #3 also drops a nice cliffhanger to provide a dramatic kick to Leslie’s story. It’s more then a hot and heavy mating story.

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