Sistah Sister #1: Indie Spotlight


Title: Sistah Shark #1

Publisher: Mana Comics

Writer: Christopher Caravalho

Artist: Eliseu Gouviea

Colorist: Claudia Palescandolo

Letterer: Kel Nuttall

Cover: Christopher Caravalho

Review: ★★★★☆

I always enjoy when Indie Comics give us a chance to check out their books. Little did I know, but Mana Comics is a huge thing in Hawaii. Sistah Shark originally appeared in Mana Comic’s book Aumakua Guardians of Hawaii in 2014. Super team up books usually provide quality entertainment. Each character from the series looks well designed and with many ethnicities. This book focuses on Lani(Sistah Shark) and her origins on the Hawaiian islands. I got an Aquaman vibe right away, but I won’t ruin it. The story jumps ahead to young teenage girl that is certain there is something different with her. She’s drawn into trouble by the sound of Hawaiian drums which begets more trouble. This trouble introduces us to two more characters. It also provides Lani with a path to become SISTAH SHARK! This an excellent origin story that has plenty of room to grow. I enjoyed to flavor of the Hawaii culture which we experience in the dialog and setting. Eliseu Gouviea’s art work could probably use a little work on some of the figure drawings. It’s the perspective changes through out the story  that help make the little figure illustrations more enjoyable and really energetic. If your a fan of Mana Comics this is an excellent title to add to the story line. I imagine the book is a tough sell for comic owners, but it should a good read for anyone. I did appreciate the nod to Alan Davis in the first page.

This is a Kickstarter campaign so you can help the production of their comics. Thank you for Richard Boom and Boom Art Department for a look at this issue.

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