Dead Hand #3: Capsule Review


Title: Dead Hand #3

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Kyle Higgins

Artist:  Stephen Mooney

Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

Lettering: Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist: Stephen Mooney

Review: ★★★★☆

What happens in a small town, that has been hidden away in Russian, when people begin to ask questions? Dead Hand continues it’s run as one of their inhabitants have met their untimely end. The British intelligence has also stepped into find this same missing man. Ellis is the British agent out to solve the mystery. It could be a mystery too big for him. The story continues in a small classroom with a student by the name Harriett. She has questions in regards to what it’s like out side the mountainside. The youth has to question the issues at hand. The book jumps around some people questioning the actions of Fred’s death. The focus of the book is more geared toward the town except Carlson could be the key to the Dead Hand. Issue #3 of this story continues to keep us in mystery. The clues to the Dead Hand are there, it’s just a matter of deciphering them. Stephen Mooney’s art is consistent and appealing for the subject matter. The offices of MI6 look just like they would in a Bond movie. I want this story to unfold faster but I also like the addition of the characters. The intrigue will continue in the next issue.

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