The Top Ten Reasons to See Deadpool 2

It was a cold February when we dropped into the theaters and took a chance on the first Deadpool. A fan favorite character who many (including myself) thought wouldn’t translate into the film medium with grace or ease. HOLY unicorn rainbow FARTS, the film was a HIT! It was actually really good!  The best romance in years, even better then Twilight. Regardless of all that, when a boatload of cash is produced, we are treated with a sequel! First Appearance Comics returns to its Top Ten format to tell you all the reasons you should be excited to see this in theaters.  We have not seen the movie, so everything we are basing this on his common knowledge items from trailers, the comics, and so on, meaning NO SPOILERS!  


10. Mystery Villian

Who is the bad guy here?  Now we know Deadpool is an anti-hero. He kills the bad guys and that isn’t very hero like. They gave us Francis (Ajax) in the first movie. This is the sequel, we need a bigger and badder villain. There’s been rumors of the Juggernaut. HAHAHAHAHA.  But seriously we have Cable in the movie and most of us know he isn’t the bad guy so who is it?  Will Cable strictly serve as the quasi villain of the film, or will someone else be there to step in those evil shoes.


9. Stan Lee Cameo

Stan the Man’s cameos are the gems of any Marvel movie. They simply bring us back to reality and remind us that this is still a comic book movie. He’s number 9, cause I’m hoping he has nine lives and we get to see him in a good Fantastic Four cameo. He had nothing to do with Deadpool really and I don’t think we’ll see him at the strip club again.  Still, after that adult themed cameo last time, we have a feeling we should be in for a treat.


8. Creativity

In any sequel they are always trying to out do themselves to produce not necessarily better work, but work to match the first. See Highlander 2:  The Quickening to prove why this is a bad idea sometimes. Actually don’t watch that movie, yuck.  The first Deadpool started out with the opening credits which were brilliant and caught anyone’s attention right away. The 12 bullet death kill thing was one of the coolest things ever thought of as well. So now they have to top all that and add to it. The trailers have shown us some nifty gimmicks with Deadpool using his swords. It’s one of those things where I hope they don’t spoil the movie with too much in the trailers.


7. Director

Explain to me why they didn’t bring the first director back for this movie;  which part of boatloads of cash does Twenty Century Fox not understand. Now the flip to my comment is the fact that David Leitch directed Deadpool 2. Leitch did a little flick called John Wick and Atomic Blonde last summer. I loved Atomic Blonde, but is it as good as Deadpool 1;  nope. Leitch does put together some decent fight scenes that make you feel the bruises after the scene. Deadpool 2 needs that physical punishment that brings a good action movie to life. I hope David can bring all that to the table and more.


6. Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes (as I’m writing this) has Deadpool 2 sitting at a solid 86%. That’s pretty darn good for any sequel.  Reviews are a great guild if you’re trying to save your cash on not seeing a potentially a bad flick. You must go judge for yourself, that’s the truth. What you like isn’t going to be what someone else likes. Deadpool 2 is a foul-mouthed, violent to the core, character that simply doesn’t appeal to everyone. Have you seen the music video though?


5. Story/Plot

Who is that kid that’s flipping us off in the trailer? What does Cable have to do with all this? How does Vanessa live with DP’s face? Why does DP still live with Blind AL since he’s back with Vanessa? The first movie had Deadpool chasing after Francis so he can get his face back. It really wasn’t a truly noble cause just simply vanity for love. Is this new story/plot  a noble cause for us to follow Deadpool along on his journey?  Whatever the movie happens to put out there I hope the story is enough to keep the action going and not drag the movie down. Granted, for most people if you put Deadpool in the subway dancing people would buy a ticket soo…


4. X-Men/X-Force

Count them.  Not only 1 but 2 Super groups appear in this Deadpool movie. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead return for some laughs and quality Marvel battle. The movie introduces Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar, Yukio, and some guy name Peter. Is it too much I wonder? Many movies have added some much and fell on their faces hard. I think when you have no idea if there’s going to be a second movie, you have to go for broke.  Deadpool should do that and more.  I don’t except every character have their time in the sun.  X-Men Apocalypse proved that there’s a bad way to do all that. With all the additions to this movie expectations run super high.


3. Cable

You gotten wonder how Louise Simonson and Rob Liefield’s brain child will translate on to the big screen. If you didn’t know Cable is the futuristic son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey that has come back from the future to save us all. Cable’s history will probably not be touched so much in this film but you never know. Josh Brolin joins the Deadpool cast, in yet another comic book role;  he was Thanos and Jonah Hex. Let’s just say he looks fantastic. Cable born, true and true. If the character is written well, then Brolin will pull it off.

2. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. Do you know really how much Ryan brings to the role? I mean really. He’s just another pretty face covered up by makeup really. Social Media can bring you so much if you simply embrace it. Ryan Reynolds puts himself out there when it comes to social media. I know he is just pushing product in our face to make us buy the movie ticket or buy the extra Steel Book Ultra UHD Bluray disc of Deadpool at Best Buy which we really don’t need. It’s the fact that he cares so much that he’ll put himself through the rigors of the massive press junket. I know he gets paid a ton too, but I want to appreciate him for the love that he gives back and hopes that 3 is on its way.


1. It’s Deadpool

One of my fellow coworkers put it to me this way, ITS DEADPOOL!  Seriously though, the character has grown a serious following with the first movie doing so well. The studio also has some balls by putting the movie out in between The Avengers and Solo. It does damage the pocket-book in such a hard way too. But, it’s Deadpool and you know your going to go.  REGARDLESS of what I say,  but I hope I’ve helped find away for you to spend your hard earn cash.


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