Black Science #35 Capsule Review


Title: Black Science #35

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Rick Remender

Art: Matteo Scalero

Colors:Moreno Dinisio

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Cover Artist: Mattio Scalera & Moreno Dinisio; Chris Samnee & Matt Wilson

Review: ★★★★★

Infinite Earths, Multiverse, Mirror Universe, and in Black Science we get the Eververse. I know the concept of multiple universes has “been there, done that”. Black Science’s verse is where our characters Grant and Sara are the inhabitants. They created the Pillar to travel between worlds and unfortunately shred the fabric of reality. Now I haven’t read this book before now. I have missed out on 34 reasons why I should have been reading this story, but a good reasons to pick up some back issues or a trade or two. Otherwise our characters are put through some enlightening circumstances about their life choices. They are shown that there are choices that could have been made to change their reality. There’s a blunt clue to who the character is that’s providing the enlightenment. Rick Remender has some of the best lines about life in general or how people happen to be. His points that he makes to his character almost are pointless considering the end of the story, except it’s relate-able to the potential. It’s interesting the science fiction can manage to do that. Matteo Scalera’s art is beautiful with panels that are seemingly poetic to a point. I had seen some of his stuff from Marvel and it never really struck me as fantastic as this one. Black Science has been put into my search list so I can hopefully provide a more educated look at the comic from here on out.

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