Prismastalker #2 Capsule Review


Title: Prism Stalker #2

Publisher: Image Comics

Creator: Sloane Leong

Letterer: Ariana Maher

Title Logo Designer: Darius OU

Cover: Sloane Leong

Review: ★★☆☆☆

Prismastalker has one thing going for it;  it’s by far one of the most colorful books around. The design is well thought out in the randomness that it displays. The story continues the tale of Vep and her travels on the Therassen. Vep is one of the many creatures on the way to a space like academy. Vep’s journey is a strange one to be sure. Her first test shows her being implanted. It’s visually a stunning experience that shows the character in a tremendous amount painful self discovery. This book consistently has me scratching my head at the point it’s trying to make. The concepts aren’t really well received unless you want to go through a second read to see if the book is going anywhere. The art has an interesting organic feel that feels rushed and almost psychedelic. While I think the book has a nice colorful design, I don’t think there’s enough story keep me totally on board with reading the next issue.

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