Top Ten Reasons to GO see THOR: RAGNAROK

November is just about upon us and with that comes the fall/winter movie season. Hopefully you have gotten to the theaters to see one of our favorites: Blade Runner 2049. Now comes the time for the return to ASGARD and revisit our favorite Norse God The Mighty Thor. Here’s our TOP TEN Reasons to get out and about…


10. Valkyrie

Brunnihilde was introduced to the Marvel scene in the 1970’s. Her roll was to guide the slain/passed on gods of Asgard to Valhalla(god heaven). To what Tessa Thompson’s role as Odin’s maiden warrior happens to be is a Mystery. It should be fantastic Journey once the lights go down in the theater.


9. The Grandmaster

I know…”Grands who?”, or what is The Grandmaster? He is an elder of the universe like EGO or the Collector. Jeff Goldblum joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as this character. In the comics he also happens to own one of the Infinity Gems. The Grandmaster happens to be the universe’s biggest gambler. It could mean that the THOR vs HULK scene we have scene in the trailers could be some sort of wager. Otherwise besides the new movie look we are interested to see how his appearance plays out in RAGNAROK.


8. 80’s Style

A lot of films have taken to the 80’s retro design as of late. The same goes for this newest Thor film. It worked extremely well for the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but I’m not 100% sure how it’ll all work out for the Norse Gods. It does appear that a good chunk of the film takes place in outer space.I wonder if the sound track will go that route too. Granted the style is a bit of shock that even my 7 seven year old, who saw Thor in Entertainment Week said, “That’s not Thor.” Our new director could be a little too retro of Ragnarok.


7. Skurge the Executioner

If Karl Urban is in the movie, I am sold. Skurge is one of the mightiest badasses to fight Thor in the history of the comic. If the trailer is any indication of how they going to use SKURGE then we are in for a treat. They take a shot directly from a run that Walt Simsonson did in his run of the book. OK…I admit he did die at the end of the book but that doesn’t mean that they will pull that move in this story. Besides Karl URBAN has been offed many times in other movies. If he does go it’ll be a blaze of glory.

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6. PHASE 3

We are now in the middle of PHASE 3 of the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. This movie should continue to add up to the build up to Avengers Infinity War. We might just get to see Thanos himself again. We do have the BLACK PANTHER movie in between the next Avengers battle.


5. Avengers Teaser

All this talk about the Avengers Infinity War has gotten us all worked up to hopefully see the teaser to the next film. If you just happen to be on the internet during the San Diego Comic Comic you got a glimpse of the trailer. IT WAS AWESOME…the thing was leaked and pulled just as fast. It truly gives us something to look even more forward. Now the beginning of the teaser might give us an idea to the ending of Ragnarok.



Finally get another look at good old Jade Jaws. PLUS he’s all dressed up like he did in Planet HULK. The battle between Hulk and Thor should be magnificent. He has been absent from the Marvel Universe since Avengers: Age of Ultron. Personally I think the Marvel Films should taken another shot at a HULK film. Until that actually comes to pass we will have to enjoy the time we get with him. OH OH…the Hulk does something else we haven’t seen yet…


3. Odin/Hela

Anthony Hopkins returns as our favorite All Father. Cate Blanchet joins the MU as Hela. There are so many unanswered questions revolving the fate of Odin after Dark World. Hopkins was always an excellent choice for ODIN so it’ll be fantastic to see him on screen again. Cate’s character is a new one and she is bad. She isn’t necessarily evil but more a force of nature. Blanchet is decent in just about every film she stars. Hopefully during RAGNAROK we will see if their paths cross.


2. Loki

Loki has been a thorn in Thor’s side for two films now. Based on the trailer Loki gets usurped from the throne of Asgard somehow…frankly I like learning the details. Tom Hiddleston totally owns the Loki role with all his acting chops. The trailer show some really really cool moments with Loki, so even though he doesn’t look like the big bad for this entry into Thor’s lore.



 OK…He’s the star of the movie and probably even more then that…Chris Hemsworth has portrayed Thor with grace and strength. He was born to be the God of Thunder. If you didn’t know Ragnarok is the Norse gods end of the world sort of thing. Thor should be up for the challenge and with all the other characters on this list he will have enough help to win the day.

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