Wolfenstein #1 Capsule Review


Title: Wolfenstein #1

Publisher: Titan Comics 

Writer: Dan Watters

Artists: Piotr Kowalski & Ronilson Freire

Colorist: Brad Simpson & Greg Menzie

Letterer & Editor: Jonathan Stevenson

Cover: Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson; Alex Ronald; John Royale & James Offredi

Review: ★★★★☆

From time to time I just want to sit down and play a decent first person shooter video game. Wolfenstein has been that one such game. Shooting at Nazi’s in a hopeless situation is always a thrill and nice get away. If you’re not sure what Wolfenstein happens to be then you’re in luck. Wolfenstein is one of the first first-person shooter PC games made. The story goes as such: Germany won WWII in 1948 by bombing New York city causing the US’s surrender. Wolfenstein happens to be more of a place where our hero BJ Blazkowitz  is on the front line of rebellion to the war won Nazis. It’s a story most Americans, I would image, can get behind. This particular story is more told from the point of view of scientists who are also attempting to rebel against their oppressors. The story is well written but jumps around and I had a bit of trouble picking up where things went. There’s an excellent backstory about how the Germans discovered the Veil. It’s another dimension that also helped the Germans win the war. So it’s not quite a straight up war story, but there’s a lot of decent science fiction tossed in. The art for the comic is well done but does contain some gory moments so the book isn’t truly for younger readers. This is decent story that should keep us busy for issues to come.

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