Star Wars Adventures #1 Capsule Review


Title: Star Wars Adventures #1 

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer: Cavan Scott

Art: Derek Charm; Jon Sammariva

Inker: Sean Parsons

Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff

Letter: Tom B Long

Cover: Chris Samnee; Chris Uminga; Craig Rousseau; Derek Charm; Elsa Charretier; Eric Jones; Jon Sommariva; Mike Maihack; Tim Lim; Tim Levins 

Review: ★★★★☆

IDW drops its first issue in the new Star Wars Adventure series. The book is primarily about Rey and her stories before the events of Force Awakens. The story doesn’t really dive into more information except that Unkar Plott happens to have business rivals. The story continues to show us how clever and smart Rey happens to be in most situations. The art is fun and designed for all age of readers. It would be a book I would show my 7-year-old daughter so that I can continue her Star Wars education. Tales from Wild Space is the backup story for this series. Emil Graf is a space traveler and grandson to a rebel hero. He is our storyteller for this series. His first story is an Obi-One Kenobi tale during his Republic Jedi Knight years. Tales from Wild Space can give the reader tons and tons of Star Wars adventures. The book is more designed to serve younger audiences that might be looking for a relaxing read that doesn’t dig too deep into the lore. There are fifteen different covers to keep the collector busy too.


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