Black Hammer #11 Capsule Review


Title:  Black Hammer #11

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Dean Ormston

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letterer: Todd Klein 

Cover Artist: Jeff Lemire; Dean Ormston; Dave Stewart

Review:  ★★★★☆

It’s been sometime since I’ve had a chance to check out the Black Hammer comic. I usually take issue with dropping into the middle of a story. Jeff Lemire’s writing has a way of making the reader feel welcome. This issue focuses more on Golden Gail and Barbalien. It’s interesting look at two characters that seem like they have been through a whole lot. Barbalien/Markz is dealing with his desire for the local priest. Golden Gail has to come to terms with her own love for Barbalien. The whole issue has a ton subtle tones which shouldn’t make the story seem real but it does. Even the subplot with another character having a moment of deja-vu know that this story has issues. Dean’s artwork has some fantastic facial expressions and enough detail to sell the book. The Black Hammer is a solid book with potential on the horizon. The characters have some serious humanity that is necessary for the story.

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