C2E2 2017: Convention Review

Ticket Price:  ★★★★★

Parking:  ★★★☆☆

Space:  ★★★★☆

Guests: ★★★★☆

Vendors:  ★★★★☆

Overall:  ★★★★☆

April Showers will bring May flowers, but this year the flowers came early in Chicago. C2E2 2017 returned to the McKormick Convention Center and I arrived with my wallet wide open and without a doubt I would gladly spend a car payment or two on my favorite hobby. C2E2 in no way shape or form failed my overeager expectations and the love for all things media and nerdy.


There are so many things I can talk about when it comes to vendors. The one thing that stands out for C2E2 is that they have everything you could possibly want and desire. Comics galore, toys aplenty, and even original artwork to wet your appetite for the desire to hock your car to own some classics. There were leather makers and every t-shirt imaginable. You could create a small army for the amount of Funko characters available at this years con. Like just about every convention I go to, I wish I had more cash to burn for the one specific chase item I quested for at C2E2.


The guests for C2E2 ranged from everything from television, voice actors, streaming stars (NETFLIX), wrestle0sr, and even a few Power Rangers showed up for the fun. This year’s show spotlighted Stan Lee’s return (and last) to Chicago and that it might be his final con. I got the opportunity to witness Stan’s last possible panel. It was a strange affair because the projector system decided it wanted to rebel and smoke. Needless to say, there was a bit of a delay. Stan Lee joined Frank Miller on the main stage for a super cool panel discussion which Stan couldn’t hear because of the funky microphones. Truth be told, Stan is your charming old grandpa that just loves the attention and he couldn’t wait for his next cameo. After that we stayed for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Panel which stared Elizabeth Henstridge and Ian de Caestecker. I totally enjoy that personalities show their appreciation for the fans.


C2E2 provides every opportunity to get photo ops with just about every guest present at the show. I for one could not drop the $40.00 for every signature I’d love to attain or the $500.00 it would cost to get Frank Miller’s autograph in a super VIP package. I looked for that one thing that might be unique to me and something personal. At this show I spent a little dough and acquired Will Wheaton’s signature, just cool enough for me to enjoy and well to also share here.



A huge show like C2E2 is always giant draw for writers, artists and tons of creators that enjoy their work. I used to take for granted that the artists would simply sign your work and move you along. For the most part I have enjoyed spending what time I could with the artists and appreciate their body of work. Artist Alley was well spaced for the small artists seeking their big break, while making the appropriate space for big names like Greg Rucka, Dan Jurgens, and Rob Liefield. I got to get several items signed:

Tony Daniel
James Ninness…whom I totally appreciate his love of the horror book
Jim Calafiore…I will get a print at some point…
Ryan Browne…I totally love reviewing Curse Words every month…
Keith Williams…for me…thank you for making Byrne’s work awesome
Chris Sprouse…I sorry Splinter didn’t sell that well back in the day























Several other signatures escaped me including Dan Jurgens and Rob Liefield.  Do something significant in comics and your line in monstrous.


THE COSPLAYERS CAME OUT IN HORDES!!! It was fantastic a joy to witness in the masses. Every year we see more cosplay in Chicago than any other convention we go to.  The high level of detail in everyone’s costume’s this year was amazing.  I love the art and craft. I want to thank Reed Pop for welcoming all Cosplayers.


C2E2 was full of so much to see and witness. Marvel was on hand to push Secret Empire, which still baffles me as to why we want to be excited about Captain America’s situation. Dark Horse Comics was on hand to give the masses nifty lanyards and bags. Weta was there to show off it’s hard work on the Orcs and all the other Lord of the Rings items. Several vendors had energy drinks and beef jerk to push on the masses. League of Heroes showed off it’s new alcoholic beverages.  It was an all day event that I enjoyed without a moment of regret.


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