Movie News: Will The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilvers Have Accents In Avengers:AoU

Scarlet Witch!

As many X-Men/Avengers fans know, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are originally from a fictional Eastern European country, Transia.  While we already have seen from the trailers for X-Men:  Days of Future Past that Evan Peters is not using an accent in his portrayal of Quicksilver, the question has been whether or not Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen would in their roles.  During a recent interview the two had with i am Rogue, Taylor-Johnson confirmed they would with the following responses:

“It was like, lets try and make these characters so different.  And it was cool to be playing Eastern European as well. So we are trying to embrace that.”

When specifically asked about using accents, he added, “Yeah, but they might f*****g ADR it out at the end, who knows?”

So will having or not having an accent matter to you?

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