The Top Ten Thor Villains

This week we continue our look at the Top Ten Villains with the last of the “Big Three” from the Avengers. We’ve finished Captain America, Iron Man, and now its time to bring the thunder.  Thor is for all purposes immortal, at least close enough to it compared to us mortals. With all that time and only so much mead to drink, that means that there are a ton of villains to choose from his rogue gallery.  We narrowed it down to the customary ten and chose who we felt are Thor’s definitive villains. Of course let us know your thoughts and top ten in the comments below!


10. Hela (First Appearance Journey into Mystery #102, 1964)

Who or what is Hela you might ask? Hela is the daughter of Loki from an alternate universe. So Loki’s daughter, but not;  the whole Ragnarok thing in Asgard is all kinds nuts. Odin bestowed upon Hela rulership of both Hel and Niffelheim and the granted the title of Goddess of Death. Which is basically hell for the gods, Vallhalla being the heaven version. You would think that after being given all this she would be satisfied, but no.  Hela strove to take over Vallhalla and she consistently battled Thor for power. She have even cursed Thor with the inability to die, but made it so his bones were brittle an armor was constructed to keep Thor’s frame together. Hela had to make a deal with Death herself when Hel was destroyed during the Siege of Asgard.


9. The Absorbing Man (First Appearance Journey into Mystery #114, 1965)

Crusher (The Absorbing Man) Creel has been a bad guy in the Marvel Universe for a really long time. He has fought just about every Marvel in the universe.  The thing that makes him so special to goldielocks is that Loki gave good old Creel his powers and his trademark ball and chain.  Now Crusher started out as a thug and a low rent boxer (he was the fighter that got his butt handed to him the last time he faced Battling Murdock). So what makes The Absorbing Man so awesome is the fact that he uses powers to absorb the abilities of whatever he touches. This has made somewhat troubling for Thor to battle old Creel since absorbing Mjolnir front time to time made the Crusher invincible. It has always been Thor’s superior fighting skills that made him victorious. A version of the Absorbing Man made his appearance in the recent season of  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and even in Daredevil’s first season.


8. The Destroyer (First Appearance Journey into Mystery #118, 1965)

The Destroyer was a device created by Odin to protect Midgard and Asgard for impending doom from the stars. The Destroyer was built from an enchanted Uru metal making it somewhat invulnerable. The armor has been possessed by Loki on several occasions though. He has used the suit to nearly kill Thor many times. During a stand still battle with Galactus, Thor had to trade the Destroyer to Galactus for the freedom of his herald Firelord. While the Destroyer isn’t necessarily a villain, it is still feared throughout the nine realms as power to be cautioned. Of course they used the Destroyer in the first Thor film.


7. Malekith the Accursed (First Appearance Thor #344, 1984)

Malekith the Accursed is one of the Dark Elves from Svartalheim that has been particularly nasty for Thor. Malekith teamed up with Loki and the demon Surtur to gain control of Asgard. During this plot, Malekith had to  gain control of the Casket of Ancient Winters. The Casket, if opened, would release an untold winter storm upon Midgard. Malekith succeeded in opening the Casket at the loss of the lives of the human guardians. Thor and the Avengers ended up stopping the evil plot and resealed the Casket. Malekith attempted to impersonate Baldur the Brave on many occasions. He was thought killed by Kurse during that particular storyline. He has returned time and time again to burden Thor. Malekith the Accursed made his big screen appearance in Thor the Dark World.


6. The Wrecking Crew (First Appearance Defenders vol. 1 #17, 1974)

The Wrecker, Piledriver, Bulldozer and Thunderball collectively make up the Wrecking Crew. Originally Wrecker (Dirk Garthwaite) and Thunderball (Dr. Eliot Franklin) were in prison together. They had plotted to build a gamma bomb and hold New York ransom for millions of dollars. The Wrecker was a violent criminal that used his wrecking bar to destroy crime scenes. During this plot, the Wrecker was accidentally given super strength and an indestructible wrecking bar. The bar was struck by lightning giving the Wrecking Crew their power. As the Wrecking Crew they have battled just about every Marvel hero only to be defeated every time. You would think team work would even overcome the Mighty Thor. Thor has won in battle on every event.


5. Ulik (First Appearance Thor #137, 1967)

There’s something to be said about Rock Trolls and nobody knows this more than Thor. Ulik’s father was part of the trolls banished to the underworlds of Nornheim. Ulik was created to be the physical equal to Thor. Ulik’s primary goal was to steal Mjolnir so that an invasion of Asgard could seem more possible. Ulik has increasing strength and dust knuckles made of uru metal which was the same stuck Mjolnir was created. What makes Ulik such a bad ass is his unyielding hatred of Thor and his quest for “rock troll” justice, but Thor continues to make his life hard. It would be nice to see good Ulik in the next Thor film since the rendering would be eternal.


4. The Midgard Serpent (First Appearance Marvel Tales #105 1952)

Jormungand the World Serpent is based on the Norse version of the serpent. The mythology works this way:  Thor is to die during Ragnarok in a battle with Jormungand. Though several encounters with the Serpent has come, Thor out on top and eventually killing the serpent. Strangely the Serpent is resurrected each every time. One of the most memorable battles with the Serpent is Thor #379-380. Walt Simonson uses full splash pages to depict the size and epic battle that Thor and Jormungand unleash upon the world. The recent Secret Wars saga has seen the Midgard Serpent’s return.


3. Enchantress (First Appearance Journey into Mystery #103 1964)

Amora the Enchantress was a student of Karnilla, Queen of the Norns. Her apprenticeship was cut short when Karnilla banished her for being power-hungry and overzealous. During her first appearance, Odin himself sent Amora to Midgard to destroy Thor’s relationship with Jane Foster. The Enchantress also craved the attentions of Thor himself. During the her earlier encounters things never really panned out so well, even when she teamed up with Skurge the Executioner. She continued to use her sexuality to enchant Thor. They eventually shacked up with Thor in New York until the Heroes Reborn saga happened and Thor went missing for a year. Amora met her end during the latest Ragnarok versus Loki. The Thor film is currently filling the role for Enchantress, so let’s hope it’s a good one.


2. Surtur (First Appearance Journey into Mystery #97, 1963)

Surtur is a fire demon from the realm Muspelheim. This nasty beast has been hell-bent on the destruction of Asgard since Odin banished him for teaming up with the trolls. Ironically, most of Thor’s burdens have come from Odin’s overbearing past. Surtur is most notably on this list due to Walter Simonson’s run in the 80’s Surtur teamed up with Loke and Malekith to overthrow Odin. During the battle, Surtur defeats both Odin and Thor, but Loki has a change of heart and creates an illusion that tricks Surtur in believing that he has won the day. This gives Odin the upper hand and he throws himself upon Surtur and they fall into the pits below Asgard. Odin ended up returning, but not without Surtur’s essence buried within his soul. Surtur returns to create more troubles for Thor later on.


1. Loki (First Appearance Journey into Mystery #85, 1962)

Without any doubt Loki is bound to make number one on any list he might be considered, especially for Thor’s villains, this one is no exception. Loki is Thor’s adopted brother which has tended to cause issues for eons. Loki has been jealous of Thor and their history which is a long and sorted one. Loki has consistently been a burden, but occasionally has had a change of heart during the heat of the moment. The character has seen some changes for years and years, but I suppose for 50 years of history a little flux can be needed to make the character seem fresh. Fortunately, for those not well versed in the comics we have had Tom Hiddelson in the driver’s seat during both Thor films and the Avengers to make everyone know just how amazing Loki can be. His performance stands out above most of the performances in the films.

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