Marvel’s The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide Review


Title:  Marvel’s The Avengers:  Black Ops Field Guide

Publisher:  Put Me In The Story

Review:  ★★★★☆

What do you get the comic fan that seemingly has it all?  Put Me In The Story has teamed with Marvel Comics for the ultimate gift, a personalized book that fills you in on the Avengers while having Nick Fury put you to work in Marvel’s The Avengers:  Black Ops Field Guide.  While meant as a great gift for children, as we can attest, any Marvel fan will enjoy this awesome hardcover in their collection.

When you order a copy of the book, you put in the full name of the recipient, upload one of your favorite photos of them, and then include a heroic, or heartfelt, personalized message.  The book then will personalize the front cover with their last name, create a S.H.I.E.L.D. ID badge for them, and then introduce them personally to Nick Fury for their mission.

The book itself features stats and facts about some of the biggest Avengers and their villains.  While the left page will contain the information about a specific character, on the right page there is a Secret Report where it will give the reader the chance to perform their own assessment of the hero or villain.  It will have you write in their greatest power, greatest weakness, greatest enemy, who they could defeat in a fight, who could defeat them, your own estimation of their stats, and more.  One of the other features of the book comes into play here which is a secret decoder which you must use to decipher a hidden message about each character.  It definitely gives the reader a chance to personalize their guide even further with their own knowledge and beliefs about the Marvel universe as well as an entertaining activity with the decoder.

Best of all, the final page is dedicated as a character spot for whoever you gifted the book to, with their name, photo, and spot to fill in their powers, stats, and secret origin.  They want to be more powerful than the Hulk?  This is their chance to make it so.

While the book has plenty of entertainment value for all ages, it still has a few issues we found a little puzzling.  It would have been nice to see the book include a few more heroes and villains, as it only includes 10 heroes and 4 villains.  While it mostly sticks to the big characters from the films that everyone will know, including Ant-Man and Doctor Strange of who both will be featured soon, it randomly includes M.O.D.O.K.  and instead of listing Scott Lang as Ant-Man, it includes Eric O’Grady.  The stats may also get fans fighting and debating, such as how do Doctor Strange and Thor have maxed out speed?  On that point we suppose it’s up to the reader to correct it in their own Secret Report evaluation.

Our complaints in the end are fairly nit-picky, things most children receiving this, who are the intended audience, would not be bothered by, as well as most adults.  The personalized nature of the book makes this a great addition to anyone’s collection which is sure to be completely unique from anything else you  for young and old.  Getting to evaluate your favorite characters, that brings it to a whole other level of fun.  Next time you have to decide what present to get your loved one, this is definitely a great route to go that will make them feel like part of the comics.

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