Movie News: Why ASM 2 Features A X-Men: DoFP Mid Credit Scene

The internet had gotten very excited briefly about the prospect of Sony and Fox teaming up for Spider-Man and the X-Men.  According to oversea’s reports, Amazing Spider-Man 2 features a mid credit scene from X-Men:  Days of Future Past.  While it is exciting to think of the two studios playing nice to crossover the films, it is not happening in any meaningful way.  The real reason, straight from Variety:

Variety has learned, is that “Spider-Man” director Marc Webb had an existing contract with Fox Searchlight to helm another film following 2009?s “500 (Days) of Summer.” After “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2012, Webb’s negotiations briefly stalled with Sony as he was caught in a tug-of-war with Fox. Eventually, Fox agreed to allow Webb to direct Sony’s “Spider-Man” sequel, but only if Sony would promote its “X-Men” film for free.”

Perhaps one day we’ll see Wolverine and Spider-Man team-up, but probably not anytime soon.

The Secret Deal Behind ‘Spider-Man 2’ Plugging the ‘X-Men’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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