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Best of the Week


Title:  Bloodshot Reborn #1

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Mico Suayan

Colorist:  David Baron

Letterer:  Dave Lanphear

Cover Artist:  Juan Doe;  Mico Suayan;  Dave Johnson;  Lewis Larosa;  Mico Suayan and Tom Muller;  Jeff Lemire;  Butch Guice;  Lewis LaRosa

Review:  ★★★★★

We weren’t sure what to expect from Bloodshot now that his longtime nanites were removed, but we love what we got.  He is broken and unsure how to continue with his life beyond doing odd jobs at a motel so he has a place to stay.  In a great way to show how mentally unhinged he is at the moment, he ends up talking to a cartoon Bloodshot and eventually someone he recently lost.  Lemire did a fantastic job portraying what is left of the man after being used as a weapon for years.  Of course recent killings are drawing him back out, but smartly they show this hasn’t really healed his mind as his imaginary friend and lover seem to be going along for the ride.


Title:  Chrononauts #2

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Mark Millar

Artist:  Sean Gordon Murphy

Colorist:  Matt Hollingsworth

Letterer:  Chris Eliopoulos

Cover Artist:  Sean Gordon Murphy

Review:  ★★★★★

Millar could have taken the expected route with Chrononauts and had the two main protagonists lost in time, fighting to get home and it would have been fantastic.  Instead he has the two become completely self-absorbed and reckless with the time stream by hoping from year to year amassing wealth, power, and lovers.  It’s an absolute delight as the two horrify those in the time they came from by just having as much fun screwing the world for their own benefit as they can.  Of course their superiors are not going to stand for this and are sending in the heavy hitters, but we hope the action doesn’t get in the way of the time hopping fun.


Title:  Holy F*ck #4

Publisher:  Action Lab Entertainment

Writer:  Nick Marino

Artist:  Daniel Arruda Massa

Cover Artist:  Daniel Arruda Massa

Review:  ★★★★★

That’s something you don’t see every day.  Living up to the title Holy F*ck, to stop the nuclear missile Zeus has launched on the world, Jesus must literally f*ck it out of its trajectory.  Should it have been any surprise that the other mythological gods fled from Zeus fearing Jesus would f*ck each and every one of them too?  If you think things couldn’t be taken any farther than that, the last backup origin page features Jesus being sent back in time and f*cking the last woman he would ever want to.  Easily the most outrageous book we have ever read, we loved every minute of it.  After reading this though, we really feel like we need to go to confession.  Still worth it.

The Weekly Rundown


Title: Archie Vs. Predator #1

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Alex de Campi

Artist:  Fernando Ruiz

Inker:  Rich Koslowski

Colorist:  Jason Millet

Letterer: John Workman

Cover Artist:  Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, and Jason Millet;  Eric Powell;  Francesco Francavilla

Review:  ★★★★☆

While it is hard to predict what will come from the rest of this series, going by the first issue this is going to be an absolute delight.  If you are like me, not having read Archie before, make sure that doesn’t stop you from picking this series up.  I had reservations about Archie going in.  More than anything, this issue has made me want to check out what Archie Comics have been up to, because I really feel as though I’ve been missing out.  Read the full review.


Title:  D4ve #3

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Ryan Ferrier

Artist:  Valentin Ramon

Cover Artist:  Valentin Ramon

Review:  ★★★★☆

The alien invasion has arrived in peaceful disguise and only D4ve can see what must be done.  Unfortunately getting the old gang back together is not as easy as it sounds when he finds out his former comrades are much happier with life after war than he has ever been.  There are plenty of laughs with his annoying son, having enough of his boss, and an apt comment about what the alien ships looks like.  Nothing has gone right for him so far, but we’re ready to watch him reclaim his dignity and blow some stuff up.


Title:  Doctor Who:  The Tenth Doctor #9

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Robbie Morrison

Artist:  Daniel Indro

Colorist:  Slamet Mujiono

Cover Artist:  Slamet Mujiono

Review:  ★★★★☆

Whose afraid of weeping angels?  Needing to get the Tardis from the mines below the trenches, he and the survivors make their way down where a plethora of angels are waiting.  Jamie gets plenty of highlights here, making us really wish he would have been staying on for awhile longer. Still, the arc wraps up with a satisfying conclusion that was a great weeping angel story and a touching remembrance for WWI.


Title:  Doctor Who:  The Eleventh Doctor #11

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Al Ewing

Artist:  Boo Cook

Colorist:  Hi-Fi

Cover Artist:  Boo Cook

Review:  ★★★

If you thought the Talent Scout was gone for good, or even for a bit, think again.  In tracking the entity he scared off, the Doctor accidentally leads his companions into fracturing time inside the Tardis.  Each character goes through some mild self realization during this while the Doctor himself witnesses the origin of his current nemesis.  The story felt a little redundant with the last arc, but watching Arc overcome his fear made it worth it.


Title:  Doctor Who:  The Twelfth Doctor #7

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Robbie Williamson

Artist:  Brian Willamson

Colorist:  Hi-Fi

Cover Artist:  Brian Williamson

Review:  ★★★★☆

We’re always fans of when the comic can create a new enemy for the Doctor and this doesn’t disappoint. Paul Foster has broken through his reality to a new one where his wife and kids are still alive.  An intriguing set of entities called the Fracture whose sole purpose is to stop reality incursions.  The Fractures are ready to wipe Paul and his alternate reality family out of existence so it’s up to the Doctor to find a fix or offer Paul up on a platter.  While we don’t really  think the Doctor would just give up someone, we appreciate the idea being on the table.  Hopefully the Doctor won’t think of anything to quickly and we can explore the Fractures further.


Title:  GI Joe:  Snake Eyes:  Agent of Cobra #4

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Mike Costa

Artist:  Paolo Villanelli

Colorist:  Joana Lafuente

Letterer:  Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist:  Paolo Villanelli and Joana Lafuente;  Drew Johnson and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Review:  ★★★★☆

Once again Snake Eyes has little to do in his own series, but that continues to be fine by us.  After Billy made news coverage saving villagers, the Arishikage clan knows exactly where to find him.  This gives Ronin an opportunity to kick some ass while also sorting out her true feelings.  The issue has plenty of action to get your adrenaline pumping, but the relationship between Billy and Ronin is even better.  Oh, and the end of the issue finally prepares us for the Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow fight we’ve been waiting for.  Count us sold for next month.


Title:  Millennium #4

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Joe Harris

Artist:  Colin Lorimer

Colorist:  Joana Lafuente

Letterer:  Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist:  menton3;  Colin Lorimer and Joana Lafuente

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Frank Black has found his daughter but it’s not the reunion he was hoping for when he finds her in league with the organization that ruined his life.  His quest has also put Mulder in danger who is unknowingly about to walk into a trap.  The series continues to bring in old threads from the the original and it is fun to watch the group try to recruit Frank once more.  Still, everything plays out very slow, sure to excite longtime fans but weighing down the story for everyone else.


Title:  Resurrectionists #6

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Writer:  Fred Van Lente

Artist:  Maurizio Rosenweig

Inker:  Morenzo Dinsio

Colorist:  Morenzo Dinsio

Letterer:  Nate Piekos

Cover Artist:  Juan Doe

Review:  ★★★☆☆

After their heist was pulled off to near perfection last issue, things quickly sour as the getaway has a barrage of armed men between them.  In the past we finally see what sealed the resurrectionists fate and the present one of the members is killed during their escape.  Their origin story weaving in with the present story has given us plenty of background on the characters, though we do hope at this point that it’s finished so we can focus on the endgame that is growing near for the group.


Title:  Star Trek #44

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Mike Johnson

Artist:  Tony Shasteen

Colorist:  Davide Mastrolonardo

Cover Artist:  Zander Cannon

Review:  ★★★★☆

Usually an offer that sounds to good to be true is, just as the crew of the Enterprise find out regarding their would be savior.  Kirk seems fairly naive about what’s slowly unfolding around him, such as when the crew has to trade their phasers for the dilithium, and then go make sure the barter is allowed by those in charge.  Still they may have something up their sleeve yet.  Even if they don’t, it still was a great issue showcasing off a new world and classic Kirk having “something” with a female alien.


Title:  Stray Bullets:  Sunshine and Roses #3

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  David Lapham

Artist:  David Lapham

Cover Artist:  David Lapham

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Orson and Beth continue to find themselves in over their heads, well maybe more so with the more innocent, in-love Orson.  Beth owes some money and its up to Orson to figure out how to get it.  Considering he is not much of a criminal, his ideas are pretty flimsy, and comical for us, until he finally has one that Beth agrees on.  It’s almost sad to watch Orson start to fall because of his feelings for Beth, but love makes you do crazy things.  Now were left wondering if Beth is just using him partly and if their shenanigans are going to get one of them killed.


Title:  Unity #17

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Matt Kindt

Artist:  Pere Perez

Colorist:  Brian Reber

Letterer:  Dave Sharpe

Cover Artist:  Lewis LaRosa and Brian Reber;  Clayton Henry and Moose Baumann;  Juan Jose Ryp and HI-FI

Review:  ★★★★☆

In the current arc each of the three main team members of Unity have received an issue focusing on their life outside of the team.  Surprising enough, of the three Livewire was always our least favorite, but her focus was easily the most interesting.  She’s the most “normal” of the team, but the strain and fallout of the team has strained her personal life to the extreme.  It’s touching and real which isn’t always easy with a superhero.  Livewire definitely jumped up a few notches for us after


Title:  The X-Files Season 10 #23

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Joe Harris

Artist:  Matthew Dow Smith

Colorist:  Jordie Bellaire

Letterer:  Chris Mowry

Cover Artist:  Francesco Francavilla;  Matthew Dow Smith

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Clones, clones, clones!  It’s like the Spider-Man Clone Saga all over again.  As we’ve been learning, the resurrected Syndicate is a series of clone/hybrids of the originals and they are dropping like flies.  Luckily, there appear to be plenty of them to go around.  Gibson does his best to convince Mulder in what he’s doing, with unsuccessful results while Scully is on the trail thanks to a clone of the Cigarette Smoking Man.  The sheer amount of clones we’ve seen so far is starting to bog down the reappearance of the Syndicate and Gibson.  It is a trade-off though, because longtime X-Files fans are still getting plenty of longtime payoffs in this latest arc.

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