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Top 5 Costumes: Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver are prepped and ready to storm a theater near you this May in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  While as cool as she looks in the trailers already, we’ve already known how amazing Wanda is for years.  Quicksilver and her were both misguided by Magneto into joining the Brotherhood until repenting their ways and joining the Avengers.  After being a backbone of the Avengers for years, she was manipulated into dismantling her team, changing reality with House of M, and then erasing almost all mutants off the planet.  Wanda is most definitely one of the most important heroes in the Marvel universe.  Being a character around since the 60’s has given her the opportunity to wear many different costumes over the year.  Some showed more skin than others, but she always retained the trademark red color we know her for.  In going through her wardrobe, we ourselves surprised over what we actually prefered seeing her in.  Our dishonorable mention of the week, however, was uniformly agreed upon as the worst costume we had.  Check out below what we chose as her best costumes and her worst.  As always let us know in the comment section which costumes would make up your top five.  Also make sure to join us next week as we explore her brother Quicksilver’s costumes.  They happened to share a closet anyways, but which is kind of a little creepy…


5. 90’s:  Wearing this during part of the 90’s, this happens to be the most skin revealing costume she wore.  A majority of Wanda’s costumes are showy enough the way it is.  What we did like about it, though, is her flashy necklace and upper arm bands she wore.  The designs make us think of her gypsy roots which only one of her other costumes really did well.  While we love her tiara and do prefer it, it actually is nice to see her without it once and awhile.


4. Original: Wanda’s original costume and classic costume actually fairly similar, but have enough differences to separate them and make the original knocked down a peg.  Her tiara which she later sports is more of a helmet here.  It looks muck clunkier than the smooth lines of just the tiara.  Her gloves go up a little to far, a bit to close to her actual armpits. Finally, we prefer big flowy capes compared to the smaller, more reserved one she wore with this.  Even with those complaints, we still like the basic design which stuck with most of her other costumes.  It may have been later improved upon, but the original still deserves credit where credit is due.


3. Classic:  Her classic costume, this is what people think of when they think of th Scarlet Witch.  It has the elegant tiara.  It has the simple gloves.  It has the flowy cape.  We love it. Yet, realistically this costume is not quite doable.  If she cannot move without popping out of her costume, she might have a problem.  Unless that’s a diversion tactic against the villains, because that would certainly be plausible and effective.


2. Ultimate:  We’re not always fans of the Ultimate universe costume designs, but with Wanda they go it right.  We love big flashy comic costumes, don’t get us wrong, but this is a costume we could have realistically seen her in a film wearing.  It still features red as the main color but beyond that it goes for a very simple design.  We would still have prefered a very simple tiara for her to wear, but it still does a fantastic job in what it set out to do.


1. Marvel Now: Typically, the Marvel Now costumes are some of our least favorite redesigns for most characters.  In Wanda’s case, it actually kept things simple why leaving what we love about what came before.  This is a fantastic blend of her more elaborate classic costume and the more realistic, simplistic design aesthetics of her Ultimate costume.  Her tiara remains mostly unchanged, but her dress is what really drew us in.  We love that it opens up to give her the appearance of a cape without actually wearing one.  It doesn’t over-sexualize her as some of her previous costumes got a bit ridiculous with.  The Ultimate costume made her look like a sort of special agent protecting the world.  The Marvel Now costume makes her look like a super hero protecting the world while still looking like something you could see in the real world.

Dishonorable Mention


80’s:  Yikes!  That’s the first thing that comes to mind.  It almost looks like they tried to merge Magneto and Wanda into one hideous concoction.  We love capes, but this one has a giant collar that looks like it’s trying to eat her head.  Her gloves look like giant, rubber cleaning gloves.  Where is her tiara when she really needs it to cover that awful haircut?  The final straw is the black under portion of her costume that takes to much of the focus.  Perhaps Wanda should have used her hex powers to erase this from reality instead of all of those poor mutant powers.  This is a costume we can live without ever seeing again.

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