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Wonder Woman Review

June 3, 2017 Andrew Buckles

Title: Wonder Woman Studio: Warner Bros. Review: ★★★★☆ It is hard to not think of words such as “feminism” and “empowerment” when we talk about the character Wonder Woman, but there is a reason those characteristics […]

Special Features

The Top Ten Wonder Woman Villains

June 2, 2017 Andrew Buckles

With Wonder Woman’s first official solo film hitting theaters in a few days, we thought we would go back and look at the last 75 years’ worth of memorable villains that have caused havoc, chaos, […]

Comic Closet

Comic Closet: Wonder Woman

June 27, 2014 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Wonder Woman Diana Prince is a cornerstone of the DC universe and of course part of their big three along with Batman and Superman.  She has been serving up justice in the […]