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God Complex #4 Capsule Review

February 14, 2018 Mark Dyar

Title: God Complex #4  Publisher: Image Comics/Top Cow Productions/Glitch Writer: Paul Jenkins  Artist: Hendry Prasetya Colorist: Sunny Gho Letterer: Jaka Ady Cover: Isuardi Therianto Review: ★★★★☆ From time to time I get the pleasure of reviewing […]

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Bonehead #1 Capsule Review

January 8, 2018 Mark Dyar

Title: Bonehead #1  Publisher: Image Comics/Top Cow Productions Writer: Bryan Edward Hill Artist: Rhoald Marcelluis Colorist: Sakti Yuwono Letterer: Imam Eko & Jaka Ady Cover: Rhoald Marcelluis Review: ★★★★☆ Image Comics drops a new title called […]

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Sunstone Volume 2 Review

April 30, 2015 Dan Tres OMi

Title: Sunstone Volume 2 Publisher: Top Cow Productions Writer:  Stjepan Sejic Artist:  Stjepan Sejic Cover Art: Stjepan Sejic Review: ★★★★☆ There are so many graphic novels and comic books about various subjects nowadays. This is […]