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Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

April 11, 2018 Mark Dyar

From time to time First Appearance Comics steps out and catch some comic genius on the fly. Tonight we are in Indianapolis for Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. It’ll be interesting to see if […]

supergirl feature

Supergirl: Supergirl Lives Review

January 31, 2017 Mark Dyar

Episode: Supergirl Lives (S2E9) Review:★★★★☆ The Supergirl show returns after a long holiday break with a guest director for us nerds. Kevin Smith of Clerks, Mallrats, and Chasing Amy lends his talents and flair to […]

First Appearances

First Appearance: Speedy (Mia Dearden)

March 21, 2014 Daniel Hickey

Name:  Speedy Alias:  Mia Dearden First Appearance:  Green Arrow Vol. 3 #2 (May 2001 DC Comics) Created by:  Kevin Smith and Phil Hester “I’m making a life-change here, and I want to make sure you know I’m […]