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Comic Closet: The Thing

July 29, 2016 Mark Dyar

This week we decided to explore our Comic Closet in a different light.  The suit isn’t always what makes the hero and this especially is the case for Ben Grimm.  The accident that gave the […]

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Comic Closet

Comic Closet: The Mandarin

May 16, 2016 Mark Dyar

Yes, its been quite awhile, but we’ve finally returned with a new Comic Closet!  After such a long hiatus, we really wanted to come back with one of our favorite villains, someone he has been […]

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Comic Closet: Doctor Doom

September 18, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Doctor Doom Who is the biggest bad of the Marvel universe?  Many people’s response these day might be Thanos considering Marvel’s big cinematic push.  Make no mistake though, Doctor Doom is still […]

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Comic Closet: Mr. Fantastic

August 14, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Mr. Fantastic Alright, so it’s no secret, the latest Fantastic Four film was garbage.  There are plenty of reports talking about how things behind the scenes lead it towards disaster, but regardless […]

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Comic Closet: The Joker (Live-Action)

July 24, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 4 Costumes:  The Joker (Live-Action) Ever since Jared Leto was revealed in his full Joker makeup for Warner Bros. upcoming film Suicide Squad, fans have been going crazy. There are supporters for this latest […]

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Comic Closet: Robin

July 3, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Robin Batman and Robin go together like peanut butter and jelly.  While the boy wonder wasn’t their from the very beginning of Batman’s introduction into comics, he was close enough having debuted […]

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Comic Closet: Doctor Strange

May 29, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes: Doctor Strange Next year the Sorcerer Supreme himself will be the latest Marvel character to make the jump to the big screen gor the first time.  As small details have begun to […]

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Comic Closet: Ultron

May 8, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Comic Closet: Ultron At this point most everyone has seen Ultron terrorize the world in Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  If you haven’t, what are you reading this for?  Go to a theater […]

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Game Closet: Scorpion

April 17, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Scorpion Once again Mortal Kombat has co-opted our weekly “Closet” special feature with a giant uppercut to the face.  It’s hard to think of much else when you’re ripping out copious amounts […]

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Game Closet: Liu Kang

April 10, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Liu Kang We know we are not the only ones completely dying to play Mortal Kombat X.  The game is looking to be the best yet with more characters, more bone crushing […]

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Comic Closet: Firestorm

March 27, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes:  Firestorm In one of our more recent Comic Closets, we covered the Atom’s costumes, who had received a boost in fame from appearing on the CW’s Arrow.  Firestorm has had a similar […]

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Comic Closet: Nightcrawler

March 13, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes: Nightcrawler Bamf!  There are many characters we have a deep fondest for that we get really excited over covering in our Comic Closet features, more so than others.  Our favorite blue elf […]

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Comic Closet: The Atom

March 6, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes: The Atom Could the Atom’s stock be any higher right now?  Ray Palmer has played a large part in the current season of Arrow and in the last episode finally suited up […]

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Comic Closet: Quicksilver

February 20, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes: Quicksilver Last week we took a look into the closet of one of the most powerful mutants (Inhumans if you prefer the Marvel cinematic universe)  on the planet, the Scarlet Witch.  It’s […]

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Comic Closet: Scarlet Witch

February 13, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes: Scarlet Witch The Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver are prepped and ready to storm a theater near you this May in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  While as cool as she looks […]

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