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Bloodshot Salvation #4 Capsule Review

January 12, 2018 Daniel Hickey

Title: Bloodshot Salvation #4 Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist:  Mico Suayan  Colorist: Diego Rodriguez Letterer: Simon Bowland Cover Artist:  Mico Suayan with Brian Reber Review: ★★★★☆ Since the start of Bloodshot Salvation, we’ve […]

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Bloodshot’s Day Off #1 Capsule Review

July 14, 2017 Daniel Hickey

Title:  Bloodshot’s Day Off #1 Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment Writer:  Eliot Rahal Artist:  Khari Evans Colorist:  Andrew Dalhouse Letterer:  Dave Lanphear Cover Artist:  Kano;  Khari Evans with Ulises Arreola;  Ben Tiesma with Brian Reber;  Renato Guedes […]

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Bloodshot Reborn #15 Capsule Review

July 15, 2016 Daniel Hickey

Title: Bloodshot Reborn #15 Publisher: Valiant Entertainment Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Mico Suayan Colorist: David Baron Letterer: Dave Lanphear Cover Artist: Tomas Giorello and Brian Reber; Ben Oliver; Stephen Segovia and David Baron; Ryan Bodenheim […]

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4001 A.D.: Bloodshot #1 Capsule Review

June 8, 2016 Daniel Hickey

Title:  4001 A.D.:  Bloodshot #1 Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment Writer:  Jeff Lemire Artist:  Doug Braithwaite Colorist:  Brian Reber Letterer:  Dave Lanphear Cover Artist:  Ryan Lee and Allen Passalaqua;  CAFU, Ryan Lee Review:  ★★★★☆ Bloodshot makes his […]

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Comic News: First Look At Bloodshot Reborn #5

June 25, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Valiant Entertainment has released the first look at Bloodshot Reborn #5, a standalone issue the focuses on Bloodshot’s imaginary friend and sidekick, Bloodsquirt.  From writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT, Descender) and guest artist Raul Allen (Hawkeye), […]

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