Comic Reviews

Avengers #5 Legacy 695

August 6, 2018 Mark Dyar

Title: Avengers #2 Legacy 695 Publisher: Marvel Comics Writer: Jason Aaron Art: Paco Medina & Ed McGuinness Inkers: Juan Vlasco with Mark Morales & Karl Story Colorist: David Curiel Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit Cover: Ed […]

Game News

Thanos Is Coming To Fortnite

May 7, 2018 Matthew Greene

Fortnite’s fourth season, filled with superhero themed skins, will soon get its super villain. The Mad Titan Thanos, the villain in Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, will invade one of the worlds most popular, free to […]

Special Features

The Top Ten Thor Villains

August 4, 2015 Mark Dyar

This week we continue our look at the Top Ten Villains with the last of the “Big Three” from the Avengers. We’ve finished Captain America, Iron Man, and now its time to bring the thunder. […]

Movie Reviews

Ant-Man Review

July 17, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Title:  Ant-Man Director:  Peyton Reed Review: ★★★★☆ Marvel has officially ended what they have dubbed “phase 2” of their films with the release of Ant-Man. Yet funny enough Ant-Man feels more in line with the […]

Comic Reviews

Ant-Man Volume 1: Second-Chance Man Review

July 16, 2015 Phil Aitken

Title: Ant-Man Volume 1: Second-Chance Man Publisher: Marvel Comics Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Ramon Rosanas Colorist: Jordan Boyd Letters: Travis Lanham Cover Artist:  Mark Brooks Review:  ★★★★☆ Spoiler Warning!  This review talks about the plot […]

Special Features

The Top Ten Iron Man Villains

July 14, 2015 Mark Dyar

This week we are going to countdown the best villains who have regularly faced Iron Man in his time. Iron Man’s villains surely run the gambit of the deadly and ones that just won’t go […]

Comic Closet

Comic Closet: Ultron

May 8, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Comic Closet: Ultron At this point most everyone has seen Ultron terrorize the world in Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  If you haven’t, what are you reading this for?  Go to a theater […]

Special Features

The Top Ten Avenger Villains

May 5, 2015 Mark Dyar

It’s probably a fair assumption that everyone has made their way to theaters to watch Avengers:  Age of Ultron this past weekend.  Even if not, just by the title you know Ultron takes on the […]

Special Features

The Top Ten Best Superhero Headquarters

March 31, 2015 Mark Dyar

Our Top Ten list finally makes its grand return this week!  Everyone likes to have a place to call home, whether it be a building, cave, tower, mansion, or something else.  In coming back we […]

Comic Closet

Comic Closet: Quicksilver

February 20, 2015 Daniel Hickey

Top 5 Costumes: Quicksilver Last week we took a look into the closet of one of the most powerful mutants (Inhumans if you prefer the Marvel cinematic universe)  on the planet, the Scarlet Witch.  It’s […]

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