Agent Carter: Premiere Review

  • Episode: Premiere   (S01E01)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

Going into this show we know that they only intend on producing 8 episodes. It seems that Agent Carter is going to be filler until Agents of Shield comes back on the air. They are testing the waters to see if they can make the show work. This means each and every episode needs to be stronger than typical being a condensed series.  Frankly, most period show do not work, as they don’t get the chance they deserve and get canceled before their time. Examples being Rome and Deadwood. Now does that mean that Agent Carter is going to be bad? No, but after the premiere, it is not perfect.

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Agent Carter opens up in flashback mode where Peggy is talking to Steve (Captain America) Rogers as he’s about to hit the water. It was nice to see the tie into the Marvel Universe. Captain America references are all abound in the show in fact. Peggy’s story starts as she’s working in the New York office of the SSR Strategic Scientific Reserve.  Unlike the respect she had during her adventures with Captain America,  she has to deal with the male chauvinistic agents of the office. She uses the way they underestimate her as an advantage. She’ll probably have to deal with type of attitude throughout the whole season.

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The story driving the series is the concept that Howard Stark has been selling his “toys” to oversea buyers.  Peggy has to help Stark prove he’s not a traitor. The first episode also introduces us to Edwin Jarvis. Jarvis is Howard Stark’s butler. He acts as a comic relief for the story beyond being a further connection to the cinematic universe since he was the Avenger’s butler for decades. Both Peggy and Jarvis are British so they tend to have  a kinship throughout their adventures.

It’s fun and even violent for a TV show. It’s perfect for the 9 o’clock time slot. It should give us some great background for the creation of SHIELD and Peggy Carter. It will probably give us some nice ties for the Avengers, Agents of Shield and possibly even Ant-Man. Haley Atwell is excellent in the lead role and it’s good that Marvel believes this show will interest Marvel fans and TV watchers alike.

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