First Appearance: Best Cosplayers of 2014

The time has come to say goodbye to 2014.  All week-long we are going to be celebrating the end of the year by taking a look at the best 2014 had to offer in Individual Comic Issues, Comic Series, Comic TV, Comic Movies, Video Games, and Cosplay.

All year long we traveled to various conventions to report back on the major happenings, and most importantly, the amazing cosplayers that attended.  We visited Ohayocon, Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, Gem City Comic Con, C2E2,Motor City Comic Con, Indy Pop Con, Cincy ComicCon, Cincinnati Comic Expo, NYCC, and Wizard World Ohio Comic Con. After each convention we asked for you, the viewers, to help us decide who were the best cosplayers.  Two weeks ago we posted the top three cosplayers from each convention and asked you once again to help us decide once more. Voting is over and we are proud to present you the First Appearance:  Best Cosplayers of 2014.   Thank you once again for your continued support and thank you to all cosplayers that we snapped this year, we are constantly in awe of your amazing creations.

The Tick and Arthur - Cincinnati Comic Expo 14

10.  The Tick and Arthur (Cincinnati Comic Expo 14)

For many, the first taste of the Tick and Arthur was not in the comic books, but instead in the amazing 90’s animated TV show.  The source material is just as amazing as the show.  At conventions this year,we never saw many dressed as this duo, and were thrilled to see them.  With any luck, the rumors of the Patrick Warburton’s The Tick series revivial and we will see more and more cosplayers once again proudly proclaiming, “Spooon!”


9.  Misa Amane (Ohayocon 14)

This cosplayer came out of our first convention coverage ever, Ohayocon.  To be completely honest, the staff was a little out of its element at the anime themed con and were not originally as familiar with Death Note.  We already knew we loved this costume, but since we attended, we have caught up on Death Note quite a bit and can now wholly, and informed, agree that this costume was excellent, right out the anime.


8.  Moon Knight (Cincy ComiCon 14)

We have all loved Moon Knight over the years, even being a favorite of our senior editor, but imagine our surprise and delight over seeing this costume.  Taken straight out of the most recent run from Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey, we had spent a good part of the beginning of the year raving about it and then we saw this.  What can be said beyond that Khonshu would be proud.

Poison Ivy - Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14

7.  Poison Ivy (Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14)

This year we saw a lot of Poison Ivy cosplayers supporting their favorite villain.  Of all of them, we have to agree with the viewers that this has been one the best.  The amount of detail is meticulous and mind-boggling.  Over the next year, we imagine we’ll see many more Poison Ivy cosplayers, but this is going to be the one to beat.


6.  Carnage (Cincy ComiCon 14)

Spider-Man beware!  This Carnage cosplayer blew us away with this costume’s terrifying detail.  Over the last few years the comics keep trying to put the 90’s villain down, such as when the Sentry ripped him in half in space.  The character has found a bit of a revival since, and amazing cosplayers such as the one here is exactly what the character needs to push back against those who look down on the 90’s comics and excite the fan base once again for Carnage.

Predator - NYCC 14

5.  Predator (NYCC 14)

If you go to a convention and see a Predator, most likely it is going to be one of the most intricate, lifelike costume you will see there.  This Predator cosplayer at NYCC 14 is the perfect example of that.  He makes you believe that a giant alien hunter exists and prowls the show floor of a comic convention near you.  He is always looking for a bigger and better hunt.  Yet it doesn’t get much better than this costume.

Iron Man - Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14

4.  Iron Man (Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14)

Lexington Comic and Toy Convention 14 was not the only convention that we saw this fantastic cosplayer at, who goes by the name Cincinnati Iron Man.  We had a chance to see some of the behind the scenes making of photos of this costume on his Facebook page (which you should check out too) and this thing is the real deal.  It looks amazing with real lights and a face plate that raises and closes on command.  We were excited each time we were able to see this excellent costume and really hope to see it again during our 2015 coverage.

Mr. Freeze - C2E2 14

3.  Mr. Freeze (C2E2 14)

This is simply a jaw dropping costume.  Just pick that jaw up quick, you don’t want your face to freeze like that.  This was the only Mr. Freeze cosplayer we saw this year, but after this, we really didn’t need to see another one.  Imagine how much money was spent on the terrible, terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger costume from the Batman and Robin film.  This costume puts the film one to shame a billion time over and we see nothing that could make this better.


2.  Batman (Gem City Comic Con 14)

Batman is an iconic character that has stood the test of time again and again.  Over the years he has had many costumes to choose from between numerous forms of media.  We don’t hesitate a bit to say that the Michael Keaton Batman costume you see here is easily one of our favorites.  Adding in the wingspan that terrified the criminals of Gotham in those films was a wonderful touch by this cosplayer.  “I’m Batman.”  Indeed.

The First Appearance Best Cosplayer of 2014 Is:


1.  Venkman (Gem City Comic Con)

You the viewers have chosen a winner that comes right from our own backyard from Gem City Comic Con!  The first Ghostbuster film came out 30 years ago, and the franchise is still entwined with our hearts.  Anyone can Ghostbuster and that there is the pure beauty of the entire franchise.  It doesn’t hurt having one hell of a realistic proto pack though!  This was the first Ghostbuster that we saw during our convention coverage, and now with the reboot talk, we know this will not be the last.  We’re really keeping our fingers crossed for a Ghostbuster filled 2015.

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