First Appearance: Best Individual Comic Issues of 2014

The time has come to say goodbye to 2014.  All week-long we are going to be celebrating the end of the year by taking a look at the best 2014 had to offer in Individual Comic Issues, Comic Series, Comic TV, Comic Movies, Video Games, and Cosplay.

For our first look into 2014, we looked at the top ten single issues that proved to be the best of the best from all publishers and all genres.  The entire staff brainstormed together and we are proud to present you the First Appearance:  Best Individual Comic Issues of 2014.   As always, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below, including what your top ten issues of 2014 are!


10.  Star Wars Rebel Heist #3

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics / Writer:  Matt Kindt / Artist: Marco Castiello

The most striking thing about this issue is that before, while we always liked Leia as a character, we never realized just how much of a badass she really is.  Kindt shows us all the tools Leia has from being a top rebel spy and puts every aspect to use in one hell of an exciting operation.  Its something that made sense, but had never been utilized as it was here, making for one of the best Star Wars issues in quite some time.


9.  X #16

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics / Writer:  Duane Swierczynski / Artist:  Eric Nguyen

Throughout the series, we have seen X go through hell and come back on the other side, such as the situation he had just escaped before facing the Archon head on here.  He comes back better than ever, but still has the ever-loving crap beat out of him once again.  It gives us one hell of a dark issue while showing us no matter what, this is his city so he keeps on going.


8.  Harbinger #23

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment / Writer:  Joshua Dysart / Artist:  Clayton Henry

How many times do issues promise that things will never be the same?  Well in this case, guess what, things havent been the same since.  The Renegades lose one of their own while taking down Toyo Harada’s entire operation while Peter fights the main villain himself, forever changing the two.  This was an emotional, action packed issue that has set the stage for Harbinger:  Omegas and the upcoming Imperium.


7.  The Delinquents #2

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment / Writer:  James Asmus and Fred Van Lente / Artist:  Kano

Having superheroes meet for the first time and battle each other in a misunderstanding his one of the biggest comic book tropes out there.  The Delinquents realizes this and makes fun of itself when Archer asks Woody why they’re battling, and Woody responds, “genre cliché.”  The series on whole was a hilarious adventure, but watching the group fight each other easily got the biggest laughs for a purely fun experience.


6.  Mass Effect:  Foundation #12

Publisher:  Dark Horse / Writers:  Mac Walters and Jeremy Barlow / Artist:  Tony Parker

Going into this issue, one of the best things about it is that you do not have to be a Mass Effect fan or know anything about it.  It is a complete standalone issue looking into the back story of Thane Krios and it is an emotional ride.  Wanting to escape his life as a trained killer, he finds love, but soon finds that you cannot run from your past.  It is a tragic tale, one that once you will read is not easily forgotten.


5.  Forever Evil #7

Publisher:  DC Comics / Writer:  Geoff Johns / Artist:  David Finch

Over the last few years, there have been event after event from both DC and Marvel, with many of them falling flat.  Forever Evil was one of the few that actually turned out to be one hell of a story.  Through the entire event, no issue was more exciting than the seventh, featuring the Crime Syndicate being annihilated, Bizarro’s emotional death, and Lex finally figuring out what he should have been able to figure out way before now, that Bruce Wayne is Batman.  It featured our favorite villains in the role of a lifetime and we couldn’t have had a better time.


4.  Armor Hunters #4

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment / Writer:  Robert Venditti / Artist:  Doug Braithwaite

The epic conclusion indeed.  The Armor Hunters came to Earth and wrought destruction like never before to the Valiant universe’s Earth.  Their motives were almost altruistic though, having seen the armors destroy entire worlds before.  Yet they were met by a united front of the world’s heroes and met their final fate.  Many of the Armor Hunters were severely scarred, some were killed, but the biggest and most epic moment comes from Aric spearing Reebo with the same spear that was just stuck through him, to end the battle once and for all.


3.  Unity #0

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment / Writer:  Matt Kindt / Artist:  Cary Nord

Never before have we seen such an interesting team created for a single issue, only to have to know from the start that they are doomed.  Even equipped with that knowledge, it was heartbreaking to watch.  Not only that, but it shows us just a bit more of what Gilad has had to endure over the years as the Eternal Warrior, constantly being called to battle while those around him always fall.  It makes you feel sorry for this burdened hero who will never know peace.


2.  The Goon:  Occasion of Revenge #4

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics / Writer:  Eric Powell / Artist:  Eric Powell

The latest volume of The Goon at times had us wondering where it was going.  Then this issue dropped and turned the world upside down.  The Goon had been played from the start.  He killed one of his long time men.  He killed the woman he loved.  His city is ready to crumble around him as his sanity is in severe question.  Fade to black.  The Sopranos like sudden ending was a bit infuriating at first, but it actually gives you time to process how epic of narrative you just finished and how much you want more right now.

The First Appearance Individual Comic Issue of the Year Is:


1.  Green Arrow #28

Publisher:  DC Comics / Writer:  Jeff Lemire / Artist:  Andrea Sorrentino

The Outsiders War was easily the best Green Arrow story told in years, if not ever.  While each and every issue played off one another for one comprehensive narrative, #28 truly turned what Oliver knew about himself on its head.  The previous issue’s final page revealed that his father Robert was in face alive, and here we find out that Oliver was stranded on the island by design, to turn him into the warrior he needed to become.  It completely changed the lore of Green Arrow we thought we knew while providing an epic battle in the background to make sure things never slowed down.


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