Comic News: Dynamite Bringing Their Top Characters To Altered States

Next year Dynamite is prepping to show you some of their favorite characters like you’ve never seen them before.  Vampirella, Red Sonja, The Shadow, and Doc Savage are each getting a brand new Altered States one-shots.  Each issue will find the character in a What If? like situation where anything, and probably everything, will happen to them.  Check out the issue breakdowns from Dynamite below:

Writer Brandon Jerwa teams up with artist Juanan Ramirez for Altered States: Red Sonja, a story about a red headed museum worker in New York City who soon finds herself fighting for survival in a dystopian-inspired Hyborian wasteland.

· In Altered States: Vampirella, veteran Vampirella scribe Nancy A. Collins and artist Francesco Manna turn the tables on Ella Normandy after she survives a crash landing to become the sole human on a planet full of Vampires.

· Writer David Avallone pulls double duty in this special event, teaming up with artist Ivan Rodriguez for Altered States: The Shadow, and a tale that proves once and more that there are worse things in the world than the evil that lurks within the hearts of men. Then in Altered States: Doc Savage, David and artist Dave Acosta explore what happens when the world’s most powerful man is turned into a rampaging beast whose very humanity may be lost forever.

“What If? and Elseworld stories have been a part of comics for 40 years,” said Dynamite Publisher and CEO Nick Barrucci. “There’s always that “Would that be cool” or “what if we had him or her do that” story that doesn’t fit in to continuity. Now we can pick some of the best stories and create “Altered States” for our branded characters. These 4 books stand on their own yet will be the foundation for this universe of characters.”

Each 32 page issue will release every Wednesday throughout March next year.  You can see the beautiful covers for titles below!

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