Constantine: The Saint of Last Resorts Review

  • Episode: The Saint of Last Resorts  (S01E08)
  • Review:  ★★★☆☆

Constantine’s adventures take to us to Mexico City. He is called into action when a nun appears to him at his dwelling. The nun is actually an old flame by the name of Anne Marie. Now when I say “appears” I mean she is sending out her astral image, crying out for help. A woman who just gave birth is brutally murdered and the baby stolen away.  Of course there happens to be a super natural twist to it, requiring John’s skill set.  He and his colleagues have to travel all the way to Mexico, which seems like it took no time at all.


The subplot of this story is Zed’s past coming back to haunt her. Constantine leaves her back at the house to rest from their trip to Kentucky. She reconnects with a character from the previous episode. Zed’s story line quickly begins to mirror John’s. The man has come to collect Zed for her father. He makes references to a crusade and that he could possibly be her brother, which is a bit awkward since they were kissing  in one scene. The sequence ends with Zed having more issue then she anticipated.

Constantine - Season 1

The gore in this episode is particularly gruesome. Nobody wants to see babies hurt. The thing that really makes this episode interesting though is John’s relationship with Anne Marie. It does seem that they were lovers in the past. Their time together ended during the New Castle event that is mentioned in every other episode. The writers point out anyone that gets close to John ends up being someone who gets hurt the most. It’s the reason John never really gets close to anyone, even when he wants them. The episode starts slow, but gets better as the back story is introduced and the conflicts occur. It does have something we have yet to see on Constantine;  it actually has a cliffhanger.

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