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Sometimes you come across a character whose costumes are not as striking as their actual various physical appearances.  This is most true in the case of the Beast.  Over the years Beast has worn several costumes that we could do an entire comic closet on through his time as a X-Man, an Avengers, and a Defender.  As cool and interesting as those have been, nothing is more fascinating than how many different physical changes he has gone through over the years.  He started as a somewhat normal looking man.  He then received his blue fur which has defined the character ever since.  Yet it hasn’t stopped there.  He has turned more feral over the years, looking very feline like for quite some time until he reverted to his more current ape appearance.  Sometimes it switches back and forth inexplicably from title to title, depending on the artist.  Going through his various stages, we have narrowed down Beast’s top five physical looks.  We even went back and found his worst state, featuring as our dishonorable mention.  See below what we picked for one of the original X-Men and let us know your choices below!


5.  Ape Stage:  Get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!  We consider this physical change his ape stage, as we really believe this makes his look like a big blue ape.  This makes the bottom of our top five as we just really don’t like it very much.  How and when did this actually occur?  While this is his current physical appearance, for some time it depended on which book you looked at on whether you saw him like this or at his feline stage.  Was the editor asleep at the wheel?  Not only that, but what brought on this change?  Third mutation?  His new found hatred of Scott?  We’re baffled and it stays from being a dishonorable mention by a very slim margin.


4.  Dark Beast:  We love just about everything about the Age of Apocalypse with this sinister version of Hank McCoy being near the top.  This takes his standard look that dominated the 80’s and 90’s, but made him actually look darker.  We love the Dark Beast and like the look, but it does make us wonder how this possibly makes sense.  Why is his fur darker her?  Is it based off his average mood?  If he gets jealous of Scott and Jean Grey does he turn green?  If he has sex does he turn red?  Or does he just dip himself in a giant pool of hair dye?  If so, he must be Just For Men Hair Color’s biggest client.


3.  Feline Stage:  We are all connected in the great circle of life.  Oh wait, this is the Beast, not Mufasa.  We get confused sometimes. When the Beast’s secondary mutation kicked in, he started turning into basically a big upright cat, face, paws, and all.  This physical stage of his life we actually liked, especially compared to how he looks now.  Having him look more feline like not only tied well into his name, but it also made him more ferocious looking than ever before.  This was definitely the biggest period where villains wanted to stay away from him due to the sheer power and feralness he could unleash.  It didn’t help those big damn paws made drinking tea so damn hard!


2.  Original:  Way back when the Beast actually looked like a human.  Well, way back when or now if you read All New X-Men.  Beyond the big mitts and feet, he could actually go to the opera without an image inducer.  Best of all, no shedding!  Okay, everyone sheds a little, but at least a teammate didn’t have to worry about him coughing up a big blue hairball in the middle of a battle.  That would be totally awkward.  We actually prefer the hairy, blue Beast, but compared to some of his other changes, we do like him like this.


1.  Modern Stage:  Now this is the Beast everyone knows and loves.  Featured prominently in the 90’s through the comic and animated series, this is the version that everyone recognizes as the Beast.  This was a time when he still retained a human look to him, but looked like a wild beast at the same time.  Plus, he and Wolverine got to compete on their hair cut, who could pull that off best.  Sorry Beast, you look good with it, but you just copied Wolverine anyways.  He has had a second mutation and third mutation it seems;  can he have a fourth and just bring us back to this, easily the Beast’s best look.

Dishonorable Mention


Brute:  No, Hank McCoy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon did not make the sweetest of love and make a baby.  That’s an easy assumption to make, but this is actually Hank McCoy from the Mutant X universe.  There, his own experimentations and some tampering from the Goblin Queen led him to skip the blue fur and instead lose his intelligence but gain some super spiffy fins and gills.  There is just something about him that just scares us, but not in a good way.  Luckily, this is one physical appearance that can easily be rectified.  Preheat the deep fryer, chop him up, dip in breading, bring a little tartar sauce, and superhero fish fry at the X mansion!

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