Cosplay Alley – Ohayocon 14: Battle of the Cosplayers Poll

We don’t always like to just sit behind the computer; well most of the time we actually do, but hey, we get out occasionally.  Take for instance our outing to Ohayocon 14 that went from Friday the 24th through today.  We were there and we got the pictures to prove it, lots of pictures of the great cosplayers that came out.  We love cosplayers of all interests and genres, but who doesn’t!

So here we go, we are throwing down the gauntlets in our first battle of the cosplayers feature.  You the readers get to choose who had the best costume of the show.  It goes by picture, some are solo, some are a team.  If you see your self, vote for yourself, that’s not cheating; really its fine.  If you want your friends to throw a vote your way, they can too so tell them to stop here!  Spamming the vote box with multiple votes for yourself is a no-no, though; death lasers will engage.

The top three winners will get featured on our homepage and be used as our feature image for this article forever more.  Comments are welcome at the bottom of the post, just be nice and fair to everyone.  So get ready, prepare to be cosplay amazed, and vote!

Don’t forget to cast your votes soon, voting ends on Saturday night, the 8th of February!

A.  DSCN0998

B.  DSCN0999

C.  DSCN1000

D.  DSCN1001

E.  DSCN1005

F.  DSCN1006

G.  DSCN1008

H.  DSCN1009

I.  DSCN1010

J.  DSCN1011

K.  DSCN1012

L.  DSCN1013

M.  DSCN1014

N.  DSCN1015

O.  DSCN1016

P.  DSCN1017

Q.  DSCN1018

R.  DSCN1019

S.  DSCN1020

T.  DSCN1021

U.  DSCN1022

V.  DSCN1025

W.  DSCN1026

X.  DSCN1027

Y.  DSCN1028

Z.  DSCN1029

AA.  DSCN1031

BB.  DSCN1033

CC.  DSCN1034

DD.  DSCN1035

EE  DSCN1036

FF.  DSCN1037

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