Constantine: Blessed Are the Damned Review

  • Episode: Blessed Are the Damned  (S01E07)
  • Review:  ★★★★☆

There is something to be said for Faith vs Belief. In most TV shows, character development takes the course of time. The thing with Constantine is that we already have a fully developed character that we simply learn about as we go. Now the trick is, does John have faith or does he believe?


In this week’s Constantine we learn about a minister that has the power to heal his flock. The minister gains these abilities afer a near death experience with a poisonous snake. Zed becomes much more prominent is this episode. She’s taking an art class and has a vision of snakes. This also brings in another possible love interest/sub plot for Zed. These events bring John into play. He and Zed rush off to Kentucky to check out the healing  minister. John points out that with any power, there is a price. The “healed” end up turning into ghouls and killing people. The beauty of this story is Zed’s faith in angels and her belief. She gets faced with certain realities.


Blessed are the Damned shows us that the evil building up is not as simple as it seems. Even angels are questioning humanity as a whole and the lines are being drawn. There is another foreshadowing for what is to come for Zed.

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