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Top 5 Costumes:  Supergirl

Right now its a good time to be Supergirl.  Kara was recently sporting a red lantern ring in the New 52 as she works on some of her aggression problems before hopping into the Crucible Academy in an exciting new direction for her book.  Not only that, but if you have been following the news, she is finally breaking out of the comics into her own starring film role in a brand new series coming to CBS (hopefully helping us to continue forgetting about the 80’s film.)  Now that she will be seen on TV again, we are all left to wonder what costume she will don in the series.  Will it be something new or something completely different?  Based on previous series, it will most likely be a combination of both.  With that in mind, we wanted to go through Kara’s wardrobe to find the best of the best, for what we can only hope we provide the basis of her onscreen outfit.  Flipping through, we actually found that she has had a much better fashion sense than her cousin, making our job tough in narrowing the choices and ordering down.  See below what we believe are Kara’s top five costumes and let us know what you think in the comments below!


5.  Earth One:  So starting our list off, the headband alone almost did put this as a dishonorable mention.  It is not cool and not fashionable.  She is not Rambo or the Karate Kid, so unless you are one of those two, you should not be wearing one.  With our headband rant out of the way, the rest of the costume is really similar to her original costume.  This biggest addition are the red shoulder pads that bleed out from her chest symbol.  They tried a little something different with that, but we prefer he without the pads in the end.


4.  New Earth:  When Kara returned from the dead (well arrived to Earth in this continuity) she returned with a little less fabric.  The costume is much like her original with just a few exceptions.  The yellow trim of her cape which is used in future costumes, debuts her for a nice tie in to her emblem and belt.  The biggest change was to bare her midriff.  She was portrayed a little younger than before, so from a fashion standpoint we understand why even though ultimately we felt it was unnecessary.


3.  New 52:  Kara’s Prime Earth costume is easily one of our favorite redesigns she has had in years.  The cape coming into an overlapping collar is a unique artistic addition that we welcome.  The yellow trim of the cape does a great job of matching her belt and the yellow of her emblem, really drawing you in.  Her boots are a bit more unusual than normal, but we enjoy the cut out along her knees for another, small, but interesting choice.  Something small we would have liked added in is if the yellow trim was added to her boots as well as they previously had.


2.  Powergirl:  The Earth-Two version of Kara going by the name Powergirl is almost as popular and recognizable as just Supergirl herself.  Skimpy and showing lots of skin, it is a fanboys dream.  With that said, don’t get us wrong.  It did not make second on the list because of how revealing it is.  The Powergirl costume is one that Kara can really call her own, hardly resembling her cousin’s unlike her others.  We think the one shoulder cord keeping her cape up is very unique and stylish.  Her belt being slightly to big and askew?  That’s a good sense of fashion right there.  The white costume is a fresh take for her, but it still respects tradition with the blue gloves and boots and red cape.



1.  Original:  After so many years with so many different costumes with various alterations, we have to say that the original got it down right.  It is mostly a female variation on the Superman outfit, but for Kara it just works.  Just like almost every costume, it has the short skirt, but it at least in general it is not as skimpy and revealing as some of her others.  While we’re not trying to sound to prudish on it, some of her other costumes do go just a bit further than they really need to.  This keeps it simple with the shorter cape and killer boots.  W have tried to forget the 80’s movie as much as possible, but sticking closely to this costume was something it actually go right.  Hopefully the upcoming series can be mindful of this when it hits the air next year too.

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