Flash: Flash vs. Arrow Review

  • Episode: Flash vs Arrow  (S01E08)
  • Review:  ★★★★★

A new metahuman, Roy Bivolo, robs Central City Bank using the power to send people into uncontrollable rages. Joe and a police team use a tracker in the money to find Roy in a warehouse. Barry shows up just in time to save Joe from being shot and Oliver “Arrow” shows up to help save the day. Oliver is tracking a Starling City killer who uses razor-sharp boomerangs and was last seen in Central City. Barry has the idea that they can help each other get their bad guys. Oliver knows Barry is to rash and unfocused and tries to teach him to be more mindful of his surroundings. Barry decides to go after Bivolo by himself and is affected by his powers. Barry’s own powers counter this in a different way, putting his rage to a slow simmer, cooking towards a much larger explosion.

Barry goes after Eddie who is trying to form a task force to go after Flash. Oliver tries to stop Barry, and the two engage in a fight. Dr. Wells and Joe together use colored strobe lights to reset Barry’s emotional state. Bivolo is captured and put in the prison at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Why do I have to wait twenty-four hours in order to see more? The biggest concern whenever multiple heroes are together is, can the screen time be balanced? This episode proves that it can, and it can be perfect! Since part one is a Flash episode, they focus primarily on Flash issues, but a few Arrow lines also become clearer.  I am betting that Arrows episode will be the vice versa. In the episode bets are taken on who would win in a Arrow/Flash fight and for a while now the question has been on our minds as well. Personally, I think that Arrow won the fight, but I see how they made it so no one can really say for sure. There was a plethora of witty dialogue and quotable moments that will be uttered at comic shops and work places for a while. Also, class A acting all around the table tonight with everyone from both teams making appearances. I was expecting a little more from all the lead up to a Arrow/Flash show down, but maybe it’s not quite finished? Just a few more hours and we will see!

Comic Connections:

– My dirty little secret is my love of Captain Boomerang; I mean whats not to love? Digger Harkness, he’s one of The Flash’s most persistent Rogues.

– Roy G. Bivolo, nicknamed Chroma in the episode, really was once known as Rainbow Raider.

– Online it has been pointed out that Red made every one feel rage and the four colors flashing to fix Barry were purple, blue, green, and pink which happen to be what you could essentially say are to good colors in the emotion spectrum from the comics; i.e. Compassion, Hope, Will, and Love.  It could be just be fans reaching, but I guess we will see.

– A lot of people thought it was a little forward to out the captain the way they did tonight; that was not their main point, if you didn’t know, Captain Singh’s boyfriend is the Flash Rogue known as the Pied Piper who we are expecting to meet in the show very soon.

– The woman seen at the end of this episode is the same person we saw who had been impregnated by Oliver in a second season flash back. Oliver’s mother paid her to go away.  Oliver was told she had a miscarriage and moved to Central City. However, my guess is that she is in fact Sandra Hawke, the mother of Connor Hawke, Oliver’s son and future Green Arrow mantle holder.

– If you didn’t already know before or suspect from all the talk of him, Caitlin’s husband Ronnie isn’t dead, he is alive.  He might not actually be so well, but it is nice to get our first look at Firestorm.

– As always if we missed anything let us know down below in the comments and let me hear your thoughts on the odds we see a Green Lantern in Flash, Arrow, or both!

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